IDIS Outcome

The Office of Intercultural Education

The Office of Intercultural Education supports Wellesley College’s commitment to educating students for national and global citizenship by implementing an integrated co-curricular program of intercultural education that equips students with the knowledge and skills they will need for leadership and life in a diverse and interdependent world. The Intercultural Education Team has responsibility for the development and leadership of intercultural education activities, trainings and programs that educate and promote awareness, understanding and appreciation of diversity and inclusion on campus and increasing multicultural competency throughout the campus community. In addition Intercultural Education Team members serve as advisors to particular student cultural communities, mentor students, and support clubs and students on issues related to academic achievement, student development, leadership, conflict resolution, community building and collaboration with other students and student groups on campus. The work of the Office of Intercultural Education is centered on four Strategic Directions developed by the Core Committee and focused on the themes of and diversity and inclusion, affirmation and collaboration, student success, and leadership development.

The Intercultural Education Team

Mared Alicea-Westort, Assistant Dean of Intercultural Education and Advisor to Latina Students 
Tracey Cameron, Assistant Dean of Intercultural Education, Director of Harambee House and Advisor to Students of African Descent 
Leah Fygetakis, Director of Services and Programs and Advisor to LGBTQ Students 
Victor Kazanjian, Dean of Intercultural Education 
Donna Matson, Assistant to the Dean of Intercultural Education 
Norah Piehl, Assistant to the Advisors to Latina Students and Students of Asian Descent 
Karen Shih, Assistant Dean of Intercultural Education and Advisor to Students of Asian Descent 
Jennifer Williams, Assistant to the Director of Harambee House


IDIS Strategic Directions

The work of the Office of Intercultural Education is carried out through four strategic areas:

  1. Diversity and Inclusion Education – develop campus-wide multicultural capacity among students and within the Division of Student Life through programs of multicultural education and structured dialogues that enable all students to engage one another around issues of diversity and inclusion and deepen their competency in addressing issues of identity, culture and community.
  2. Affirmation and Collaboration – develop a vibrant and inclusive sense of community on campus by affirming social identities through the support of particular cultural communities, while at the same time, building stronger connections across differences through programs which foster mutual understanding and collaboration among all students and student organizations.
  3. Student Success – work in partnership with faculty and student life staff to ensure that all Wellesley students reach their full potential through a vibrant educational experience that includes academic excellence, leadership development, interpersonal engagement and individual fulfillment.
  4. Leadership Development – enable students to develop the knowledge, experiences and skills necessary to lead in an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world by bringing people together with different histories, cultural legacies, and values in a manner that recognizes and addresses the tensions stemming from different social identities and builds community through the development of shared principles.