Investing in Educated Women Since 1878

Welcome from the Wellesley Students' Aid Society. 

We celebrate the fact that the Wellesley Students’ Aid Society continues to increase the amount of aid that is available to students, either directly or through our commitment to the College.  Both the Society and the College benefit from the symbiotic relationship that we have with one another:  each year, the Society commits funds to the College for its use in financial aid packaging, for both tuition grants and loans. 

The idea of educating women was deemed radical in 1875 when the College was founded.  Unfortunately, even now, women in some parts of the world put their lives in danger when they advocate for their education.  When you contribute to Students’ Aid, you are demonstrating your belief in the power of educated women and your confidence in our Wellesley students.  If you are a regular supporter of the Society, please accept my sincere thank you on behalf of our grateful students. If you are new to the Society, we invite you to join our essential core of supporters who share in our mission of aiding students. 

Ann Hayden Hamilton ‘67