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ANTH 299 - Home and Away (Iceland): Human Geography and the Cultural Dimensions of Space and Place

(Field Work in Iceland June 2 - 15, 2014)

Justin Armstrong, Visiting Lecturer

This course will examine the profound impact that our environment has on us, from how the layout of streets dictates our path through a city to the effect of landscape on our thoughts and emotions. Covering past, present, and future notions of space and place, this course will explore the diverse ways that cultures interact with their surroundings to continually create (and recreate) meaning.

ICELAND - Discover the unique culture and heritage of this island country through hands-on anthropological fieldwork.  Visit remote islands on the Arctic Circle, isolated fishing villages, and the bustling, cosmopolitan capital city, Reykjavik.  Earn course credit under the midnight sun.

Justin Armstrong holds a PhD in cultural anthropology from McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. His current research examines the unique cultural landscape of isolated and abandoned settlements throughout rural North America. For Armstrong, the study of culture is an ever-evolving and constantly engaging pursuit that finds beauty and significance in everyday lives and spaces. He currently teaches in the Writing Program at Wellesley College. He was born in Saskatchewan, raised in Northern Ontario, and lives in Boston.

Travel Dates June 2 - 15, 2014

Field Course in Iceland (Must be Registered directly with Justin Armstrong by April 1st.   Full Payment due April 1, 2014)

Credit: 1.0 unit (4 sem. hrs.)

Tuition: $TBD(not including Airfare and Food)

Registration Fee: $50 (non-refundable)



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