Theatre Studies

Session I  - June 2 - June 27                                                                                                                                         


       THST 214- Inside Out:  A Study of Character Through Voice and Movement  


Martina Rainer,Visiting Lecturer in Theatre Studies

This course will give students the tools and skills to develop a character either from the outside in, using movement, or from the inside out, using the voice.  Utilizing the techniques of Kristin Linklater, students will move toward "freeing their natural voice" and developing range, color, and texture for effective stage use.  Concurrently, students will work on "freeing their bodies" and using physicality to flesh out a character.  Class work will focus on both individual and group work with particular attention given to layering voice and movement with text to create vivid, fully developed characters. 


Meeting Times: T, Th. 10:30am - 1:00pm

Location: Barstow Stage or dance studio

Credit: .5 unit (2 sem. hrs.)

Tuition: $1,190

Registration Fee: $50









THST 315 - Acting Shakespeare  (Specific Travel Dates TBD)


Diego Arciniegas, Senior Lecturer at Wellesley College

After a three-week intensive workshop in Shakespeare performance on the Wellesley College campus, the final week of classes will take place in Stratford-upon-Avon.  Students will incorporate what they have learned through observation and emulation at performances of the Royal Shakespeare Company into their final peformance projects. 


Meeting Times: T, W, Th. 1pm - 3:30pm

Location: RNJ Theater and Field Work in Stratford-upon-Avon

Credit: 1.0 unit (4 sem. hrs.)

Tuition: $3,300 (Includes Hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon and Theatre Tickets)

(Not including Housing at WC, Transportation in England, Flight and Meals)
Registration Fee: $50


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