Wellesley College Summer Term 2017

Summer at Wellesley


Please See Calendar for Registration Dates

Calendar Segments

Start Dates

End Date

Session I

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Friday, June 23, 2017

Session II

Monday, June 26, 2017

Friday, July 21, 2017

6-week courses

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Friday, July 7, 2017

Note:  Classes will not be held on Tuesday, July 4th.   The Campus is closed that day.  Faculty may arrange for a make-up lecture.

Payment Deadlines (Tuition and Housing)

  • Session I and also 6-week courses - Monday, May 8, 2017

  • Session II - Monday, June 5, 2017

Housing Check-In Dates

  • Session I - Sunday, May 28, 2017

  • Session II - Sunday, June 25, 2017

Students remaining in their dorm rooms during the week of Commencement (until May 26) will be responsible for paying a "board charge" for meal service.  This is required as meals are provided during that week for graduating seniors. 

Deadlines for Financial Assistance (for Wellesley College Students Only):

Student Financial Services (SFS) will evaluate financial aid eligibility for Wellesley College students enrolling in Summer Session courses. SFS will review financial aid eligibility as students register and will release notices of aid eligibility (or revised eligibility) on a weekly basis on or after March 6, 2017. Students will be considered for financial aid if they register by May 5, 2017. No formal application is required but students are expected to comply with any individual requests made by SFS.


GETTING STARTED: Important Information

What you should know if…

…you are a Wellesley College student

  • Once you have been admitted to a course, you will receive a grade unless you formally withdraw from the course before it ends, or alternately opt for the Credit/Non grading system.  All withdrawals must be done in writing to the Registrar's Office  registrar@wellesley.edu  by the deadlines. 

  • Wellesley College students must ensure that any balance from a previous term is resolved by the published deadlines. A financial hold assessed due to an unpaid balance can prevent you from registering for summer courses.

  • Limited financial assistance is available to Wellesley College students only, and is based on financial need.  

…you are a High School Student

  • To apply, you must be a junior or senior in good academic standing currently attending a high school in the United States.

  • You will be taking classes with college students and will be held to the same high academic standards.

  • High school students are not permitted to live on campus unless you are registered for the Pre-College Program.

…you are an International College Student

  • If you are currently studying at another U.S. college or university and have an F-1 or J-1 status, you may apply to the summer term.  At this time, we are not able to provide immigration support for international students not already studying in the United States. 

Application Procedures

View the Application Tab for full details about the application procedures and how to apply:  www.wellesley.edu/summer/registration

Helpful Hints:

  • For Non-Wellesley College students:  Applicants are notified by email as soon as they have been registered into a course.

  • International students should allow adequate time for the processing of student visas and the receipt of payments.

  • Please make sure that your application is complete.  Other fees may apply to individual courses.  Please see course listings.


Academic Policies


As a student in the Wellesley College Summer Term, you will experience the same quality of instruction that Wellesley undergraduates receive during the academic year.  Our courses are approved for regular college credit.  One Wellesley College Course unit is the equivalent of four semester hours (4 course credits at other institutions).

Students who wish to transfer Wellesley College Summer Term credit to other colleges and universities are advised to consult in advance with the appropriate academic authorities at their home institutions.

The Honor Code

The Wellesley College honor system is central to our mission as a liberal arts college. It is a system of mutual trust and respect upon which we base our community. Honor is the foundation of teaching, learning, and community life at Wellesley, and all students, including all students enrolled in Wellesley College Summer Session courses, share responsibility for preserving this foundation.  By enrolling, all summer students promise "to act with honesty, integrity and respect" in all aspects of their experience at Wellesley, including adhering to the highest standards of academic honesty and integrity.  Please note that charges of violating the Honor Code will be pursued using the procedures posted at http://www.wellesley.edu/studentlife/aboutus/honor .  

PLEASE NOTE:  Courses are subject to change.


Campus Life and Housing

Summer at Wellesley

Summer is an excellent time for exploring new topics and new places, and Wellesley Summer Term provides a wonderful opportunity to do both.  The Wellesley campus is secure, the town of Wellesley welcoming, and students in our program are well cared for.  Wellesley College has its own highly professional police force as well as security services.

Medical Services

In case of medical needs, students have access to Doctors Express Urgent Care www.DoctorsExpress.com only 3 miles away and Newton-Wellesley Hospital is also nearby.


Housing is available to college students enrolled in the Wellesley College Summer Term.  The priority date for summer session housing ends Monday, March 28th, so please keep this in mind if you are considering housing.  Summer Term students are housed in a designated residence hall with professional staff.  Residential life will include social, cultural, and recreational activities.  Housing Applications for Summer Term begins February 27, 2017 and students should apply as early as possible. 

Campus housing is available during your registered sessions from Sunday, May 28 through noon on Saturday, July 22th.  Students who wish to register for housing should visit the summer housing web site, click here to do so.   If you have questions regarding summer housing, please call the Summer Housing at 781-283-2681.

Residential Life

Students who choose to live on campus during the summer have an opportunity to experience the residential life unique to Wellesley College.  The residential halls foster a sense of community for their members and serve as a focal point for both informal and planned activities. Students in residence have access to the summer facilities and campus activities.

Wellesley Summer Term also offers organized outings.  In the past they have included visits to area museums and summer theater performances, trip to the movies, a day at the beach, hiking, and excursions to Boston.

Meal Card Points

Weekday (Monday-Friday) retail meal options are available to both resident and non-resident students through Wellesley Fresh.  Wellesley College is pleased to be able to offer students the opportunity to utilize the Emporium in the Wang Campus Center and the The Leaky Beaker at the Science Center which offers dining facilities, coffee bars and a convenience store.  Dining services will be closed on the weekends, Friday nights and on Independence Day (July 4th).  There are limited cooking facilities in the dormitories available for student use. More information on dining services can be found by contacting WellesleyFresh.com.

Transportation & Parking

Wellesley is fortunate to be located within walking distance of the commuter rail station in Wellesley Square.  ZipCars are also available on campus. Free on-campus parking will be available to Summer Session students.  Students who are bringing a vehicle to campus for the first time will need to go to Campus Police to register their vehicle during their orientation, see below.  There is no fee for parking.

Grades & Academic Credit

Summer Term courses are taken on a letter grade basis (A-D,F), unless students fill out a credit/non form with the Registrars office, see Calendar for deadlines.

  • Session I - Monday, June 5th is the last day to declare a course CR/NON/  and the last day to drop a course with out a WDR appearing on transcript for Session I

  • Session II - Wednesday, July 5th is the last day to declare a course CR/NON/  and the last day to drop a course with out a WDR appearing on transcript for Session II.

  • Grades will be available online approximately 3 weeks after the end of classes. Students may view their grades by logging into My Wellesley and grades are available on Banner Self Service.

Wellesley College Summer Term transcripts will be available upon request from the Wellesley College Registrars Office, registrar@wellesley.edu.  Please call 781-283-2307 for assistance.

Academic Credit

Wellesley College Summer Term courses carry full academic course credit.  The four-week summer term is more intensive than the academic year semester schedule, but in terms of course material covered, course assignments, class time and laboratory time, the Summer Term courses are equivalent to Wellesley College courses offered during the regular year.  Because the term is intensive in nature, it is not advisable for students who are uncomfortable covering large amounts of material in a short amount of time to sign up for Summer Term. For those who wish to transfer credits from Wellesley, please consult in advance with the Registrar of your college or university.

Wellesley College courses are approved for regular college credit.  One Wellesley College Course Unit (1.0) is the equivalent of four semester hours (4 Course Credits at Other Institutions).

Pre-College Students

To apply, you must be a junior or senior in high school.   Wellesley College summer courses are college credit classes that you will be taking with college students and will be held to the same high academic standards.  Please see the Pre-College Residential Program Tab for more information.

Orientation for Non-Wellesley College Students

There will be orientations available to all new students before each session.  During the orientation you will be given a tour of the campus and receive your parking pass and college ID.  Orientation dates will be posted as soon as they have been scheduled.

Campus Map & Travel Directions