Wellesley's Pre-College Residential Program

Looking for an exciting way to spend your summer and experience college life first-hand?

Wellesley College invites motivated high school juniors and seniors to join us this summer for a unique, immersive college experience—The Wellesley Pre-College Residential Program. For four weeks, students will have the opportunity to become members of the Wellesley community, taking courses with college students while earning full college credit. Students will also enjoy academic, social, and intellectual opportunities that cannot be found in a high school program. 

Academic session: June 27 to July 22
Check-in & orientation: June 26


  • Provide high school students with the opportunity to experience college life in a supportive, yet challenging setting

  • Enable students to take rigorous courses and work closely with Wellesley's renowned faculty

  • Offer insight into undergraduate residential life, cultivate community with their peers, make friends from around the world

  • Enjoy Wellesley’s campus, renowned for its beauty, its award-winning architecture, its setting on Lake Waban (ideal in the summer) with 500 acres of rolling hills and woodland, and proximity to Boston and Cambridge (scheduled trips provided)

The Academic Program

Students will enroll in two college-level courses:

One Mandatory Writing Course
This course will help students grow as writers and better prepare them for college-level written coursework. Choices include these two timely topics:

The Selfie in American Life 
Maligned and Misunderstood: Portrayal of Sharks in the Media.
See course descriptions

​One Elective
Students may choose from a range of level-one elective courses to either explore new areas of interest or further develop existing passions.

Arts: Drawing I; Two Dimensional Design
Classical Civilization: Classical Mythology
English: Introduction to Shakespeare;
Math: Calculus I
Psychology: Intro to Psychology
Sociology: Sociological Perspective: An Introduction to Sociology
Theatre Studies: Can We Have an Argument? Understanding, Employing, and Delivering Sound Rhetoric
Women's & Gender Studies: Intro to Women's & Gender Studies; Reading Elvis Presley and 1950s America
See course descriptions

Level of challenge: Pre-College students will take two intensive college courses, and their fellow students will primarily be college undergraduates. Pre-College students will not be treated any differently and should expect to work very hard to make the most out of their experience. The degree of difficulty varies per class. However, the required writing course and the 100-level elective course are both introductory level.  

Computer and Wi-Fi access: Students will have access to the computer clusters and laboratories throughout the campus, but will find it very convenient to have their own laptops. In many classes, professors permit students to use their own laptop during class. The College has free Wi-Fi for all students.

Residential Life

Please note that on-campus residence is mandatory.

Housing: Students will reside in Pomeroy Hall (left, top), which is situated in a lovely quad area close to the Lulu Chow Wang Campus Center (left, middle), the student center where the convenience store, a dining hall, bookstore, ATM, and much more are located.    

Students should keep in mind that residential halls are not air-conditioned when planning what items to bring with them. 

Meals: Students will enjoy a full meal plan with breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday through Friday at Bae Pao Dining Room located on the fourth floor of the Lulu Chow Wang Campus Center. Weekend meals will be provided in the residential hall (Pomeroy) except when on weekend excursions, during which meals will be provided.  

We are unable to accommodate special meal requests; students should be mindful of any allergies and responsible for their own meal choices.

Residential Advisors (RAs): Current Wellesley RAs live in student housing and organize a variety of student activities. 

Activities: Optional weekend and evening activities may include movie nights, local activities, and trips Boston and the beach.

Move-In and Move-Out: Students will move into Pomeroy Hall on Sunday, June 26, and participate in Orientation immediately after move-in.  Students will be issued a Wellesley ID card (One Card) at orientation, which will enable them to access campus facilities including residence halls, academic buildings, and the Clapp Library (left, bottom). They will move out on Friday, July 22. Departure dates for Saturday, July 23, may be arranged.

Note to international pre-college students: Due to differences in international health care plans and systems, we cannot guarantee that your health insurance coverage will be valid in the United States or that doctors/hospitals will accept your international health insurance, even in an emergency.  For our international residental pre-college students, we will require proof of travel medical insurance, valid during the period when you will be attending Wellesley College. 

Application and Registration

Eligibility: High school students who are rising high school juniors or seniors by June 26, 2016 and who are in good academic standing are eligible to apply. Students must enroll in two courses, as noted above.

International students: International students who have a current F-1 visa to study in the United States and an I-20 from their current institution, are eligible to apply. Please note: At this time, the pre-college program cannot issue F-1s or I-20s.  International students will also be required to show proof of travel medical insurance.

Students with disabilities: Wellesley provides a full range of services and accommodations to people with disabilities. Students with a documented disability that requires accommodation should notify Jim Wice, Director of Disability Services, at 781.283.2434 or jwice@wellesley.edu as soon as possible. Please submit all supporting documentation no later than May 22.

How to Apply: Applicants must complete and submit the following:

  • The online Pre-College Application Form
  • Two letters of recommendation (no specific form), one from a current teacher and one from their guidance counselor
  • An academic transcript
  • A $100 non-refundable registration fee
  • International students must show proof of a valid F-1 visa


  • After a student's application has been reviewed by the Summer Session Office, the Director of the Summer Session will conduct a telephone interview with the applicant. 
  • Students accepted into the program will also be responsible for submitting registration, housing, and immunization forms.  International students will be responsible for purchasing travel medical insurance with coverage good for the term of the Pre-College Program.

Admission: Pre-College applications will be considered on a rolling basis until all spaces have been filled. Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible. Students and parents with questions should contact the Summer Session Office at 781-283-2200.

Tuition and Fees

Unfortunately, Wellesley is unable to offer tuition assistance (financial aid) to Pre-College students.

Pre-College Residential Program Tuition & Fees


Tuition @ $2,375 per 1.0 unit course; two courses required


Residential Comprehensive Fee (nonrefundable)
This includes full room and board, RA support, and all scheduled
weekend and evening activities.


Room and Board




Meal points added to a student's One Card (for food/snacks above
and beyond meals)  


Books and course materials (vary from course to course)


Spending money: For personal expenditures, such as a Wellesley t-shirt, snacks, etc.



Payment Schedule

Due Date

A nonrefundable $100 payment

due with application

Balance of payment

May 9, 2016

Students whose application is received after May 9

payment in full due with applicaiton

How to pay: Please send payments to the Summer Session Office, Wellesley College, 106 Central Street, Wellesley, MA 02481.

Recommendations and credits

Teacher recommendations: Wellesley faculty who feel that a particular student has exceeded expectations may be willing to provide a general or specific letter of recommendation. The grade a student earns in a course will be the greatest indicator of success in future applications.

Transfer credit: Visiting students in good standing will be issued official Wellesley College transcripts after grades are posted. Since each educational institution has its own credit transfer policy, Pre-College students should contact individual schools about transferring credits. Students can request a transcript at www.wellesley.edu/registrar/transcripts.