On-Campus FAQ's

Wellesley Pre-College On-Campus FAQs


What is the deadline for applying to the Pre-College Residential Program?


We will begin accepting applications on January 5, 2016.  Applications will continue to be accepted until June 19, or until courses have been filled.  Some courses fill very quickly, so it is important that you send your application as soon as you are able to confirm your participation.


How much is tuition for Pre-College Residential Program?


Tuition for On-Campus Summer 2016 classes is $2,375 per course.  A $100 non-refundable application fee is due with the application.  Admitted students must pay outstanding tuition and/or housing balances beyond May 11, 2016.  Students whose application is received after May 9, 2016 must submit payment in full with the application.


How much is the residential comprehensive fee for the Wellesley Pre-College Residential Program?


The residential comprehensive fee is $2,975.  This includes full room and board, RA support, and all scheduled weekend and evening activities.


How do I pay tuition and the residential fee? Where do I send it?


Please send all payments to the Summer Session Office.


Is tuition assistance available for the Wellesley Pre-College Program?


Unfortunately, Wellesley is not able to offer tuition assistance to Pre-College students.


Do I need spending money?


All weekday meals and planned activities are covered in the residential fee.  Students will need money to buy books and other classroom materials and may also wish to have money for personal expenditures (a Wellesley t-shirt, snacks, etc.).


Will there be personal interviews?


After your application has been reviewed by the Summer Session office, a phone interview will be conducted by the Director of Summer Session.

We will consider all applications.


Is there an orientation? If so, when?


A brief parent/student orientation for the 2016 Wellesley Pre-College Program will take place after move-in has been completed on June 26, 2016.


How difficult are Wellesley College courses?


As an applicant, you must keep in mind that you will be taking two intensive college courses.   Your fellow students will primarily be college undergraduates. Pre-College students will not be treated any differently and should expect to work very hard to make the most out of their experience. The degree of difficulty varies per class. The number following the course title (i.e., ARTS105 or PSYC101) indicates the level of the course.  Upon successful admission to the program, you will be taking a required writing course and selecting one 100-level course, both of which are considered introductory level.  


At the end of Wellesley Pre-College courses, will teacher recommendations be provided?


Wellesley faculty who feel that a particular student has exceeded expectations may be willing to provide a general or specific letter of recommendation. The grade you earn in a course will be the greatest indicator of your success in your future applications.


Will participating in Wellesley Pre-College Program influence my admission to Wellesley College?


Your decision to participate in the Wellesley Pre-College Program should be based on your desire to engage in a rigorous intellectual atmosphere, to place yourself in the mindset of what college life will entail, and to push yourself to succeed academically. Like any additional academic activity, participation in this program will help you to present yourself as an interesting candidate during the college application process but does not guarantee admission to Wellesley College.


Are there accommodations for disabled students?


Wellesley provides a full range of services and accommodations to assist disabled students. Please contact Jim Wice, Director of Disability Services, at 781-283-2434 for more assistance.


Do students have access to campus facilities?


Pre-College students taking summer courses have access to Wellesley’s classrooms, laboratories, On-Campus cafes, libraries, computer labs and the Campus Center. Students have library borrowing and printing privileges. Residential students have access to the dining hall and the student housing.


Will I have access to a computer? Should I bring a laptop? Is the campus wireless?


Students will have access to the computer clusters and laboratories throughout the campus, but will find it very convenient to have their own laptops (in many classes, professors permit students to use their own laptop during class). The Campus has free Wi-Fi for all students.


Is On-Campus residency mandatory?


Yes, students accepted to the Pre-College Program are required to live on-campus and will reside in Pomeroy Hall.


What are the check-in and check-out dates?


Students will move into the student housing the Sunday before classes begin (June 26, 2016), and will move out the last day of the session (July 22, 2016).


May I check into the student housing before the check-in dates or check-out after the check-out dates?


No. On-Campus housing for Pre-College students is only available June 26, 2016 - July 22, 2016. Students must move in and out on the appointed dates and during the appointed times unless arranged differently with the RD.


What is the meal plan?


Students will enjoy a full meal plan with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  On weekdays, they will eat in Bae Pao Dining Room, which is located on the four floor of hte Lulu Chow Wang Campus Center.  On weekends, they will eat in Pomery Hall, except when on weekend excusions where the meal will be provided.  Special Meal requests cannot be accommodated; therefore, students with dietary restrictions must be aware and responsible for their own meal choices and mindful of any allergies.


How much do books and course materials cost?


Prices of books and materials will vary from course to course.


Is there an ATM On-Campus?


Yes, there is an ATM machine located in the Lulu Campus Center.