Pre-College Residential Program at Wellesley

Registration Opens: January 6, 2016

Program Dates: June 26 - July 22, 2016


Looking for an exciting way to spend your summer and experience college life first-hand?  Wellesley College invites motivated high school juniors and seniors to join us this summer for a unique, immersive college experience.  For four weeks, students have the opportunity to become members of the Wellesley community, taking courses with college students while earning full college credit. Students will enjoy academic, social, and intellectual opportunities that cannot be found in a high school program.



Mission of Wellesley Pre-College Program

  • Provide high school students with the opportunity to experience college life in a supportive, yet challenging setting.

  • Offer insight into undergraduate residential life.

  • Enable students to take rigorous courses while enjoying Wellesley’s beautiful campus and making new friends from around the world.


Why Wellesley?


  • The Program consists of two college-level courses:

    • A Mandatory Writing Course, which helps students grow as writers and prepares them for college-level written coursework.  

    • A Level One Elective, which allows students to choose from a range of courses and to either explore new areas of interest or develop existing passions.

  • Wellesley's campus is known for its beautiful outdoor spaces, including the shores of Lake Waban, which make for ideal places to study in the summer.

  • With scheduled trips into Boston and surrounding towns, students also enjoy an exciting social life and receive a working education of Massachusetts and all of its history.

Feedback from Previous Pre-College Students


  • Aside from thoroughly enjoying their time at Wellesley, Pre-College students feel more prepared for college life after their challenging yet rewarding simulated college experience at Wellesley.

  • They also report having a better handle on time management, which is essential preparation for balancing demanding course loads in the future.


General Information           


Tuition, Fees and Payment Schedule: See “Tuition & Fees” section.


Financial Aid: Wellesley College does not offer financial aid to Pre-College students.


Housing and Meals:  Students are required to live on-campus during this program. Full service meal plan is included.


Identification Card: Students will be issued an ID card, also called a one-card, at orientation.  The one-card is used to access campus facilities including residence halls, academic buildings, and the library.


International Students: International students who have a current student visa to study in the United States and an I-20 from their current institution, are eligible to apply.  Please note: At this time, Wellesley College does not issue the I-20.


Transferring Credit to Other Institutions: Visiting students in good standing will be issued official Wellesley College transcripts after Summer Session grades are posted. Since each educational institution has its own credit transfer policy, pre-college students should contact their own schools about transferring credits.

Requesting Transcripts Please Visit: http://www.wellesley.edu/registrar/transcripts

Students with Disabilities: Wellesley College is committed to making its educational programs and facilities accessible to people with disabilities. Students with a documented disability that requires accommodation should notify Jim Wice, Director of Disability Services in Clapp Library 316, at 781.283.2434 or jwice@wellesley.edu as soon as possible. All supporting documentation should be submitted no later than May 22, 2016.