Housing and Dining

Housing and Dining Information

Housing: The students participating in the Pre-College Residential Program will be residing in Pomeroy Hall as part of their "Wellesley Experience."  Pomeroy Hall is situated in a lovely quad area and is in close proximity to the Lulu Chow Wang Campus Center where the dining hall and bookstore are located.  The residential halls are not air-conditioned. Students should keep this in mind when planning what items to bring with them.


Meals: Students will enjoy a full meal plan with breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday through Friday at Bae Pao Dining Room located on the fourth floor of the Campus Center.  Weekend meals will be provided in the residential hall (Pomeroy) except when on weekend excursions where the meal will be included.  Special meal requests cannot be accommodated, therefore students with dietary restrictions must be aware and responsible for their own meal choices and mindful of any allergies.


Residential Advisors: The Residential Advisors (RAs), will be current Wellesley RA’s.  The RAs will live in the student housing and will organize various activities for the students.


Activities: Optional weekend and evening activities may include: trips to places like Boston and the beach, movie nights, as well as local activities.


Move In and Move Out: Students will move into Pomeroy Hall on Sunday, June 28, 2015, and will move out on Friday, July 24, 2015. Orientation will take place immediately after move in on June 28.  Departure dates for Saturday, July 25 may be arranged.