2015 Tuition, Fees, and Tuition Assistance Application

Item Cost

Tuition - 1.0 Unit Course  (Wellesley considers the equivalent to be 4 Credit Hours.  Please check with your individual institutions.)

Tuition - 1.25 Unit Course  (Wellesley considers the equivalent to be 5 Credit Hours.  Please check with your individual institutions.) $2,975
Tuition - .50 1/2 Unit Course  (Wellesley considers the equivalent to be 2 Credit Hours.  Please check with your individual institutions.) $1,190
Pre-College Residential Program Total with Registration Fee $7,825
Study Abroad ANTH 299 - Iceland (Cost does not include Flight or Meals.  Cost does cover Tuition, 2 weeks of Housing in Iceland and Transportation in Iceland only.) $4,895
Registration Fee Per Session (Non-Refundable) $50
Change Fee (per course) (Note: First course change through registrars office is free) $50
Housing Fee $150/week 
Meal Program Mon. - Fri. 3 Meals a Day (During Special SS Hours) $125/week
Meal Points Added to Your One Card Varies

Student Acknowledgement of Responsibility

As a part of the registration process, all students will be required to acknowledge the cost of tuition and relevant fees prior to on-line registration for each term. When registering students will be prompted with a screen that will state:
By my registration, I acknowledge that I am responsible for payment of my tuition account and related expenses by the published payment due date. I acknowledge that I must provide written notification to the Registrar's Office if I intend to drop a course.  I acknowledge the Academic Summer Session Calendar Deadlines including the non-refundable course fees and the tuition refund guidelines. I agree to pay all reasonable collection costs including attorney fees and other charges necessary for collection of this debt.
Students must agree to this statement by clicking on the "I agree" button and clicking on the "DONE" button before they may register for classes. This acknowledgement may be completed prior to the start of online registration.


E-bill is Wellesley College’s official method for sending student account statements. E-bill is a snapshot of the student account from the date the ebill is generated, However you may view your charges at anytime on your MyWellesley Account.  Summer Session I E-bill statements will be sent in early April.   Wellesley College must receive payment by May 11.  Summer Session II E-bill statements will be sent in early May.   Wellesley College must receive payment by June 8.  E-bill statements will be sent any month in which there is an outstanding balance on the student account.  Students who register after the E-bill has been sent may view their account detail via MyWellesley and may find payment options at Student Financial Services.

You may visit E-bill to make and confirm payments, view statements and add shared users. Current students may view their account detail on line 24 hours a day through MyWellesley. Unpaid accounts are subject to late payment fees.

Tuition Assistance (Wellesley College Students Only)

Summer Session offers limited tuition assistance for academic courses only and this  assistance is administered and awarded at the discretion of the Summer Session Office.  Only Wellesley College Students currently receiving financial aid are eligible to apply for summer tuition assistance Starting January 5.   The last day to apply for Assistance is Thursday, April 2 at 3:00pm, no exceptions.  Notification of awarded amounts will be emailed by Friday, April 10th.  Acceptance of awarded tuition assistance must be done with an email acceptance to cfrazer@wellesley.edu by the deadline of Thursday, April 16th at 3:00pm. 

Please Note:

Summer Session tuition assistance awards take into account a variety of factors including the % of aid that a student receives during the regular academic year, the number of classes in which the student is enrolled, and the number of students that apply for assistance. 

Click Here to Apply for Financial Assistance

Refund Policy

Students who register for a course that is canceled will receive full refund of all payments. 

Students who drop from Summer Session I by 3:00pm Monday, May 11 or from Summer  Session II  by 3:00pm Monday, June 8 will receive a full refund of all course and program fees, less the non-refundable registration fee of $50 per session.

Students who drop from the Summer Session by 3:00pm  (Wednesday, June 3 for Session I or Wednesday, July 1 for Session II) through the registrars office, registrar@wellesley.edu will receive a tuition refund of 50%, less the non-refundable registration fee of $50 per session.

Students dropping one course and replacing it with another will not be penalized with a cancelation fee.  The first request for course changes is free of charge, subsequent changes will incur a $50 per course.

AVI - Wellesley Fresh Meal Plan

Students may contact Ann Madzar with AVI - Wellesley Fresh to buy Meal Points or Meal Plan to use at open locations on their One Card.  See AVI website WellesleyFresh.com for Summer Hours at all Locations or call Ann Madzar - Ext. 2297, email: amadzar@wellesley.edu