Sustainable Living Certification

What Is Sustainability and How Does Your Room Fit In?

To live a sustainable life involves many more goals rather than the sole concern on the natural environment. It focuses on a balance between convenience of the present and the future. Sustainability encompasses many different things from conservation and environmental protection to social and environmental justice. Currently, economic concerns are also fueling the push towards sustainability –conserving energy and water can save you money and help our economy!

How you live in your dorm room impacts our campus sustainability goals and the wider Wellesley community. Without your commitment to turning off your lights and using less water we will never achieve the reductions we need to lessen our impact on the environment. By changing your habits, even a little bit, you can have a positive impact. We hope that earning your Sustainable Living Certification is just your first step towards living a sustainable lifestyle.


What is the Sustainable Living Certification Program?

The Sustainable Living Certification Program is a way to inspire the Wellesley students to have sustainable living practices and contribute to the college’s commitment to the environment, as sustainability is one of our college core values. Through gaining the different levels of certification, room residents will collect prizes and show off their achievements and their own commitment to the environment. Each student is certified individually and will be rewarded individually. However, for those living with roommates, we strongly encourage roommates to apply for audits at the same time.

Interested students/residents will participate in a simple audit process in which they will have to comply with a list of sustainable standards. Your building’s Eco-Rep or a Wellesley Sustainability staff member, a resource for environmental knowledge and provide helpful advice in achieving your goals, will give your audit. This manual/package will also be a useful resource in answering most if not all of your questions on how to be more sustainable in your daily living habits.

The audit itself will be based on your everyday habits. The idea is to reduce the amount of energy used, waste created, and chemicals put into the environment through these sustainable habits. While each action seems small, collectively, they make a significant difference.