Sustainable Office Certification

Sustainable Office Certification

Be a leader in helping your office become a Certified Sustainable Office!

Any group that considers itself to be a geographically-unified “office” (including faculty departments, staff offices, and other groups of individuals whose desks neighbor each other) may apply for Sustainable Office Certification by the Office of Sustainability. The Certification is meant to promote and recognize efforts by the Wellesley community to be more energy efficient and reduce overall environmental impact. There are 40 practices that candidate offices may adopt in order to obtain certification.

In order to start the process of applying for Sustainable Office Certification, we recommend initiating a conversation at your next staff meeting to stimulate interest among members of your office. Once at least 50% of the members of your office agree to participate, you may complete and submit the application. The person who spearheads and oversees the office’s efforts is the Sustainability Champion.

Sustainability Champion Responsibilities:

 • Serve as liaison between your office and the Office of Sustainability

 • Remind participants of your office’s selected sustainable practices at the beginning of each semester at your staff meeting

 • Encourage non-participants in your office to participate

 • Regularly remind members of your office of the sustainable practices for which your office obtained certification

 • Introduce new office members to the Sustainable Office program and invite them to review the checklist and sign up to participate (if the new member is not an active participant, this does not affect your office’s prior certification standing).

 • Appoint a new Sustainability Champion at the end of your tenure (term length at your discretion) or in the event that you leave the office.


>>To begin the application process:

Review the list of  Sustainable Office practices: please click here.

Review the rubric that will be used to evaluate candidate offices: please click here.

Request supporting materials for your application: please fill out and submit this form.

To complete the application for Sustainable Office Certification, please click here.


Additional Incentive:

If a Sustainability Champion persuades a member of another office to also apply for certification, the office of the first Sustainability Champion will receive an automatic certification upgrade (e.g. the office will be awarded Four Leaf Certification instead of Three Leaf Certification). The upgrade will occur after the second office submits an application.

Sustainable Certified Offices will be featured on our website and will receive framed certificates.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact