Deadline: Tuesday, September 6, 2016 noon

You will access the Tanner Application by going to the MyWellesley portal student tab:


  • You are allowed to participate in only one Tanner presentation.
  • You may apply as an individual or in a panel with a six person maximum.
  • Submit one application form per presentation. Therefore, if applying either as an individual or as a panel, there should only be one application.
  • You must ask a Wellesley faculty or staff to be your advisor. Ideally, we would like you to discuss your title and abstract with your advisor before submission.


  • The application will auto fill names, class years, and majors for all presenters. The primary contact presenter should start typing in the last names of the advisor and co-presenters and select them from the list that pops up.
  • To add additional presenters, change the number of presenters to the correct number presenting, then enter their information in the appropriate fields.
  • You may submit one (optional) photo for each presentation. This will be used in the online Tanner scheduling application, to plan your Tanner day.
  • The primary contact may revisit the application up until the application closing date/time, for example to add a photo.
  • You must click submit at the bottom of the application.
  • If you are pasting the title and/or abstract into the application from Microsoft Word, please use the paste from word icon at the bottom, right of the abstract box in the application.


  • Individual and small panel applicants (1-3 people) are highly likely to be paired with other presenters.
  • Large panel applicants (4-6 people) are less likely to be joined by additional presenters.
  • All small and large panel applicants should have a thematic connection linking their collaboration. Individual and small panel applicants will be grouped by the committee based on similar characteristics in their experiences and insights.
  • The order in which you list the applicants on the application is the order in which you will be presenting at the Tanner Conference if accepted. Therefore, the primary contact person, the person listed first on the application, should not only be responsible for collecting everyone's information but also the person who's opening the presentation.