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2014-2015 Horticultural Lectures and Programs for Adults

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Food of the Gods: Chocolate Production from Bean to Bar
By WCBG Botany Fellow Katie Goodall

This talk will explore the journey of chocolate from tropical landscapes to consumers all over the world. Focusing on Latin America, we will discuss cacao’s botanical origins, cultural history, cultivation methods and their ecological impacts. And what’s a chocolate talk without a tasting? Be sure to come ready to savor the flavors of local specialty chocolates!

NEW DATE: Wednesday, October 29, 1:30 p.m. lecture HOR 15 040
Members Free / Non-Members $10


The Multiuse Plants
By Kerry Hughes-Rico, M.Sc. 

A radical shift can happen within your own life and the world if you begin to change your view of 'the green carpet' that surrounds you. Almost all plants have uses, and so I encourage you to think about the 'multiuse plants' rather than the concept of herbs. Our connection to nature and to herbs is not a luxury for us but I believe to be a more essential part of health, and without it we become disconnected and 'dysordered'.  More and more people in the millenial generation are turning to herbalism as part of a homesteading movement or 'prepping'. Together we will talk about the many new movements into herbalism, as well as established careers, and how to also get started bringing home 'herbalism' to your own family.

Thursday, November 6, 4:15 p.m. lecture HOR 15 050
Members Free / Non-Members $10