Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden
Asters on Wall
Checkerspot Butterfly on Verbena
Viola labradorica, Labrador violet
Monarch Butterfly on Verbena bonariensis
Monarch Caterpillar
Rudbeckia hirta, Brown-eyed Susan
Students enjoy the Butterfly Garden

The goal of this collection is to support butterflies known to occur in the vicinity of Wellesley, by providing host plants for their caterpillars as well as nectar plants generally suitable for butterflies.

 These plants are allowed to senesce naturally, to avoid disturbing any overwintering eggs or pupae.  They are also allowed to spread and to seed in, although more aggressive species are thinned to maintain space for the full initial diversity of plants.

In the  fall of 2011,  the butterfly garden was emptied of most of the plantings.  Several of the perennials were out-competing the other plants and the number of butterflies was minimal.  This garden was redesigned and replanted in the spring of 2012.

See our Butterfly Garden brochure for additional information.

Photos: Mary D. Doyne and Curtis Runnels