Josh Lederman

(781) 283-2485
Writing Program
B.A., Clark University; M.F.A., Boston University; Ph.D., Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Josh Lederman
Visiting Lecturer in the Writing Program

English compositionist, interested in teaching and research and the theories behind the practice, matters of language and power.

Primary research interests include educational/writing assessment theory, particularly applying validity theory (from educational research) to composition assessment (more typically a subfield of English); Validity as social practice and social power; language and dialect prejudice and their impact on reproduction of social inequities via educational gatekeeping.

My goal is to employ a critical pedagogy, in which the teacher and the students together can act as co-investigators of social phenomena. I use course readings as theoretical lenses through which to view such phenomena, and I attempt to use papers/compositions as tangible vehicles through which the students can engage in the ongoing conversations about the world-as-text.

My professional interests include composition placement validation, writing program assessment, teacher education, and writing center practice and pedagogy.