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Writing Program
B.A., Barnard College; M.A., Columbia University; Ph.D., J.D., Boston College

Lynne Spigelmire Viti
Senior Lecturer in the Writing Program

Interests: legal studies, media and urban studies, journalism, and legal history. In my teaching, I use blogs, wikis, and other new media. I'm a practicing attorney doing pro bono work on behalf of artists and art organizations in Massachusetts.

I am deeply committed to teaching writing and media and legal studies, in addition to doing occasional pro bono legal work. My writing runs the gamut from creative (fiction, nonfiction) to critical studies of television (The Wire, Mad Men) and articles on rhetoric and composition.

I teach sections of Wellesley's required first-year writing course, as well as first year seminars in political science and advanced writing courses within the Writing Program.

Although some of my courses are law-based, I also draw on media and urban studies, investigative journalism, and American history.

I am interested in blogs, new media, wikis, collaborative efforts in new information technology, legal controversies involving artists and art organizations, and speaking to Wellesley alumnae groups regarding the United State Supreme Court and recent decisions.

During Fall Semester 2013, I am teaching one of the inaugural Calderwood Public Writing Seminars for seniors, in Law, Medicine and Ethics.

You can find my blog at