Writing Program Standards

The handbook used in all First-Year Writing courses is Diana Hacker’s A Pocket Style Manual, (7th ed, co-authored by Nancy Sommers, Bedford St. Martin’s). The manual is available in the Wellesley College Bookstore.

The Writing Program teaches two styles for bibliographic documentation and reference:

  • MLA style (for papers written in the arts and humanities
  • APA style (for papers written in the sciences and social sciences)

Some fields (history, art history, education, cinema studies) prefer the Chicago Style.

All three styles are discussed and illustrated in Hacker’s Pocket Style Manual. See also The Harvard Guide to Using Sources.

The Wellesley College library has constructed wonderful research guides tailored to specific courses and disciplines. See also the library’s research guides on citing sources and on writing.

Click here for the Grading Standards adopted by the Writing Program.

For comprehensive information about all aspects of academic writing, check out:

For help with style, punctuation, grammar:

On style for oral presentations, PowerPoints, and graphics:

For speakers of English as a second language:

The English Language Resource Center (ELRC) is a resource for students who speak English as a second language. The Center offers on-on-one tutoring focusing on language usage, including grammar, pronunciation, word choice, and reading comprehension, as well as other aspects of oral and written expression.