Study Abroad / Auslandsstudium

Study Abroad 

Our program offers both one- and two-semester options, allowing students of almost any major to pursue their academic interersts. A Resident Director helps students settle into life and register for classes, and regularly meets with students. 


Admission to the program is based on a student’s preparation and the strength of her application. Applications are considered in February for enrollment during the following year, and include a detailed language evaluation as well as a recommendation that can speak to a student’s preparation for the experience at a German-speaking university. In general, applicants must reach a minimum level of the equivalent of four to five semesters of German study in the College curriculum.


The Resident Director, in addition to her regular meetings with participants, will offer a core course for all participants and arrange for regular work with tutors.

Housing is available in student dormitories that offer a variety of rooming options.

Wellesley financial aid may be used to study abroad.

Impressions from Students Abroad