Faculty Seminars

Description of Proposed Activities:  2016-17 events will continue with our focused, cross-diciplinary discussions around one topic to see how we might apply our core principles. A few panelists will begin each discussion with some opening remarks, but we imagine the discussion will be widely shared amount all attendees.

We will continue to seek outside speakers to join our panels with experience translating and/or delivering work to non-academic audiences.

Rationale: This schedule reflects feedback about potential activities for PPLA that we got at our initial meeting in December 2013 and from conversations with contributors who could not attend the meeting. We were pleased with the enthusiasm that people brought to the table, and the diverse interests represented.

Much of the energy around PPLA seemed to be focused on the effort we as faculty make to do work that is relevant, meaningful, and impactful. Yet, what it means to do this kind of work varies across disciplines, area of study, faculty rank, and other dimensions. Many of us seek to do this kind of work, but we struggle to find ways to do so. PPLA presents an opportunity for us to address some of these challenges.

Fall 2015 Schedule

Tuesday, November 3, 4:30-6:00 pm, PNE 239

What does it mean to be a global citizen?

Wellesley’s mission statement proclaims that the College educates women who “will make a difference in the world.” But what does it actually mean to be a global citizen? How are institutions like universities, the media, and museums changing what they do to become more “global,” who decides how to transform “the canon,” and what new kinds of inclusions and exclusions happen in response?

  • Discussion leaders: Erich Matthes (Philosophy), Peggy Levitt (Sociology), Bryan Burns (Classical Studies)
  • Dennis Carr, Carolyn and Peter Lynch Curator of American Decorative Arts at the MFA
  • Barbara Plankensteiner, Senior Curator of African Art at the Yale University Museum