Helen Schoedinger's room in Beebe, 1915
Beebe Hall was the third of four residence halls built to create the Hazard Quad.

Beebe was built in 1908, funded by a bequest from Captain John Beebe of Nantucket, whose daughter Alice was a student in 1892. The building has nautical themes in its details. According to the Council of Independent Colleges Historic Campus Architecture Project, “its style, representative of the Elizabethan Gothic as understood by the architect Julius Schweinfurth… is in keeping with the style determined by Pomeroy, the donor of the first dormitory. The decision had been made prior to the design that a group of dormitories would be built and that they would relate to each other. Leading landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. was consulted regarding the appropriate location and relationship of future buildings.”

The dorm room pictured above was photographed in 1915. The current plan calls for a full renovation of Beebe, including updated underground infrastructure that serves all residence halls in Hazard Quad.

Beebe construction timeline 2015-2017