Hazard Quad Utilities

Tunnel Monsterz (Marlene Kuhn '00, 2014)

Wellesley's tunnels play unique roles in shaping campus experiences.

Functionally, the tunnels carry utility services from one part of campus to another, such as the power plant to the Hazard Quad residence halls. However, tunnels also carry mythic significance for generations of Wellesley alumnae who adventured underground to explore the campus they love. 

In the summer of 2014, the underground pipes that carry hot water and steam to the residence halls in the Hazard Quad were replaced. This work—completed on time and on budget—improved the infrastructure, which is more than 50 years old, making the heat and hot water systems in those residence halls more efficient and reliable. The new infrastructure is also important to have in place prior to the planned renovations in the Quad, including Munger Hall in summer 2015, which will add a dining facility.

Honoring the spirit of Wellesley tunneling and the new renovation work, Marlene Kuhn '00 created Tunnel Monsterz. Kuhn is a designer and architect who has recently been named the director of special initiatives at the MIT School of Architecture. She is also the artist behind the popular series of illustrations Sad Monsterz, which portray charming monsters exploring a whimsical world (and who often visit Wellesley).

Below, a less whimsical view of the utility tunnels serving Hazard Quad reflect the work of the summer.

construction timeline for hazard quad