Pendleton West

In this video professors Martin Brody (music) and Phyllis McGibbon (studio art) discuss the transformation to occur in Pendleton.

Pendleton West now houses studio arts, but it began life as a science building.

Named for Wellesley's first alumna president, Ellen Pendleton 1886, this academic hall was built in 1934. The word Chemistry was engraved over its main west entry, and science still filled the classrooms in Pendleton West well into the 20th century.

Plans for its renovation will make it more amenable to the arts, including a complete overhaul of existing space and an approximately 10,000 square-foot addition for both visual and musical arts, incorporating classroom, studio, and rehearsal spaces to accommodate emerging and traditional media. (A longer version of the video above shares more details.) The historic entry will remain, however, evocative of the building's history and the figurative sense of the word engraved there: a certain chemistry always being involved in the creation of art, and in any interdisciplinary endeavor.