More Learning Opportunities

Wellesley knows that education does not end in the classroom.

We urge our students out into the world in search of experience and insight—during summer break and over Wintersession, after class, and beyond graduation.

We value internships so highly we want every student to be able to participate.

  • Each summer, more than 300 students participate in Wellesley-sponsored summer internships at over 125 institutions across five continents.
  • Many other students find their own placements, and if those programs are unpaid, Wellesley provides grants that help cover their expenses.
  • Wellesley also supports students’ global learning beyond graduation through more than 50 fellowships for post-graduate study.

Experiential learning doesn’t end when the summer does. At the Tanner Conference in the fall, students share their extracurricular experiences with the community and reflect publicly on what they learned.

Generating questions in the classroom, taking those questions out into the world for answers, coming back to campus to analyze, synthesize, and share–this is the Wellesley experience.