Presidents Bottomly and Wang sign memo of agreement

The Wellesley College/Peking University Partnership launched in June 2013.

This important partnership is dedicated to educating women for global leadership, and represents a significant commitment by Wellesley College and Peking University. In Beijing in June 2013, Wellesley President H. Kim Bottomly and Peking University President Wang Enge signed a memorandum of understanding, cementing the institutions' dedication to a robust partnership. It is an invaluable opportunity for Chinese and American women to interact with one another in a setting devoted to better understanding the elements of leadership—an understanding critical to both of our countries and to developing the next generation of leaders.

The Launch

The launch began when 20 students traveled from Wellesley to Beijing to participate in an intensive 10-day academic program with 20 Peking University students. Supported by faculty from both institutions, the program was based upon the Albright Institute's educational model and featured "Around the World with the Secretary," a master class taught by former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who shared her experiences and insights on the imperative of educating women for global leadership.

On June 15, the academic program culminated in a conference on women's leadership. “Women’s Leadership: Making a Difference in the World” joined together prominent women from China and the United States, along with other special guests invited from around the world.

The conference aimed to help women advance to positions of global leadership. By sharing their experiences and perspectives, participants engaged and educated one another and helped prepare the next generation of women leaders.

An Ongoing Partnership

After the June program, the ongoing partnership will encompass faculty and student exchanges, joint research, virtual collaborations, and more.

In 2014, 20 Peking University students will travel to Wellesley, Mass., where they will join 20 Wellesley students for another joint academic program supported by faculty from both institutions and based on the unique interdisciplinary pedagogy developed for Wellesley’s Albright Institute for Global Affairs.