Diversity Snapshots

A community-sharing and community-learning tool...

Wellesley employed Diversity Snapshots as a community-sharing and community-learning tool at the Partnerships for Diversity and Inclusion inaugural event. 

A Diversity Snapshot highlights some things that are true about you, some obvious and some not so obvious.  

Examining other people's Snapshots challenges us to rethink our assumptions about what we believe is true about them, in light of their answers to three prompts:

  1. Some Things You Can See About Me. This is what we observe when we look at you.
  2. What You May Guess About Me. This is what we choose to notice about you, and may be information we use to make assumptions.
  3. What You Can’t Tell By Looking at Me. Learning something unexpected about you drives us to rethink what we believe we know, and opens a space for learning.

The Diversity Snapshot creation station and subsequent display was one of numerous activities available to the entire campus on a day of diversity and inclusion happenings on October 16, 2012.