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Campuswide Resources

Title IX/Nondiscrimination Office
Director of Title IX/Nondiscrimination Initiatives
Schneider Center 214

The Title IX Coordinator is available to provide information to students regarding the College’s Title IX program, including policies, investigation process, and interim and other remedies, and works with other on-campus resources as appropriate.


Partnerships for Diversity and Inclusion
Robbin Chapman, Associate Provost and Academic Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Green 352

The Partnerships for Diversity and Inclusion is a campus-wide initiative that provides strategic leadership for Wellesley in areas of diversity, inclusion, and equity through partnerships and community engagement. Our work advances the College's mission of providing an excellent liberal arts education by strengthening and sustaining a campus culture that reflects different ways of thinking, living, working, and learning, and cultivates the capacity for Wellesley College citizens to build a strong and vibrant educational community.

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  • Implicit Association Test (IAT)
    The IAT measures the strength between concepts (e.g., black people, gay people) and evaluations (e.g., good, bad) or stereotypes (e.g., athletic, clumsy).

Student Resources

Asian Student Advising
Karen Shih, Assistant Dean of Intercultural Education and Advisor to Students of Asian Descent
Acorns House

The Office of the Assistant Dean of Intercultural Education and the Advisor to Students of Asian Descent collaborates with members of the college to support Wellesley’s diverse community through two main functions. On a broader spectrum, the office informs and educates the campus community about the value of diversity and promotes intercultural understanding through its programming and advising. The office is also primarily focused on students of Asian descent, with support services to enhance their academic, social, cultural, and personal experiences, and to further assist them in their success at Wellesley.


Accessibility and Disability Resources
Jim Wice, Director of Accessibility and Disability Resources, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) & 504 Coordinator
Clapp Library 316

The Office of Accessibility and Disability Resources works with the entire campus community: from applicants and prospective students to lifelong staff members, faculty, alumnae, and visitors for special events. The Director of Accessibility and Disability Resources works with all students with disabilities, temporary or permanent, and is the first contact point for students with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, and attention disorders.


First Generation Network
Wellesley College’s First Generation Network connects First Gen Students to one another as well as to Faculty, Staff, and First Gen Wellesley Alumnae.


Harambee House

Harambee House provides social, emotional, and academic support to students of African descent at Wellesley College. Additionally, Harambee House provides enlightening cultural activities for the Wellesley College community, as well as educational, cultural and social activities for students, faculty and staff of African descent. Named after the Swahili term for "working together," Harambee has been serving the Wellesley community of African descent and the college since 1970.


Latina Student Advising
Mared Alicea-Westort, Assistant Dean of Intercultural Education and Advisor to Latina Students
Acorns House

The Latina Advisor advocates for and supports the needs of Latina students on campus. She provides resources and advising for Latina Students to address a variety of personal, social, academic and community concerns. She also provides leadership consultation, referrals, and information on internships and scholarships.


LGBTQIA Services
Leah Fygetakis, Director of Services and Programs and Advisor for LBGTQIA Students
Acorns House

The Advisor for LBGTQIA Students directs education, programming, and advising efforts for the Wellesley community in understanding the experience of those who may identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. In addition to serving as a general advisor to all LGBT and questioning students, she particularly wishes to provide a safe harbor for students who may be trying to manage multiple identities across gender, race, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation.


Office of Intercultural Education
Robin Cook Nobles, Ed.D, Dean of Intercultural Education and Director of Counseling Services
Stone Center 216

The Office of Intercultural Education supports Wellesley College’s commitment to educating students for national and global citizenship by implementing co-curricular programs of intercultural education that equips students with the knowledge and skills they will need for leadership and life in a diverse and interdependent world. The Intercultural Education Team has responsibility for the development and leadership of intercultural education activities, trainings and programs that educate and promote awareness, understanding and appreciation of diversity and inclusion on campus and increasing multicultural competency throughout the campus community. In addition Intercultural Education Team members serve as advisors to particular student cultural communities, mentor students, and support clubs and students on issues related to academic achievement, student development, leadership, conflict resolution, community building and collaboration with other students and student groups on campus.


Office of Religious & Spiritual Life
Paula Budlong, Assistant to the Dean
Billings 209

The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life strives to support the spiritual, educational and worship needs of all Wellesley students.


Slater International Center

Slater International Center is the focal point for international activities on campus and a space for anyone in the community with the desire to increase intercultural understanding and establish global connections. It is a place where students from diverse backgrounds gather informally and create long-lasting friendships.  Student organizations and academic departments use Slater International Center regularly for meetings, events, and cultural celebrations.


Stone Center Counseling Office
Robin Cook-Nobles, Ed.D. Director
Stone Center 216

The Counseling Service is the clinical wing of the Stone Center, providing confidential individual and group counseling and a variety of outreach programs to Wellesley College, from small group discussions and workshops to major campus-wide events.

Faculty & Staff Resources

Black Task Force

Diversity Coalition

Minority Recruitment, Hiring, & Retention (MRHR) Committee