Robust Financial Aid

We are committed to providing the financial support needed for any qualified student to attend the College.


Wellesley's need-blind admission and robust financial aid supports our mission to educate women who will make a difference.

At Wellesley, we deeply believe that students should be considered for admission solely on their talents, potential, and individual qualities rather than on their financial resources, and we are committed to providing the financial support needed for any qualified student to attend the College.

Wellesley’s need-blind admission and our full commitment to meeting each student’s demonstrated need for financial aid has resulted in a remarkably socioeconomically diverse student body: Wellesley was ranked 6th among U.S. liberal arts colleges on economic diversity by the New York Times’ College Access Index.

Wellesley students graduate with among the lowest federal-debt obligations: $8,225. Wellesley is recognized by the Institute for College Access and Success as one of the top 10 colleges in the country for its students graduating with the least amount of debt.

The Stats

  • Among the Class of 2017, 58 percent of students receive need-based financial aid.
  • Wellesley’s average grant (not including outside scholarships) is nearly $39,000.
  • Last year, (FY2016), the College provided $51.3 million of financial-aid grants to students:
    • $27.1 million (52.9 percent) was funded by endowed funds directed to financial aid.
    • $1.7 million was given by Wellesley alumnae as annual gifts.
    • $21.8 million was provided by the College itself, drawing from its unrestricted funds.

And An Innovation

My inTuition, Wellesley’s quick college cost estimator, helps students look beyond a college’s stated costs and understand what it will cost them. Too few students apply to top-notch schools because they assume they cannot afford them.

Wellesley developed MyinTuition, a tool created by Wellesley economics professor Phil Levine that is the quickest (and easiest) college cost estimator available, to demonstrate that a top college like Wellesley is not only within reach for qualified students with limited financial resources, but can often be their most affordable option.

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