Implementation Committee

Strategic Planning Implementation Advisory Committee

Comprised of key roles and committee chairs at the College, the Implementation Advisory Committee is designed to support implementation, cross-campus collaboration and integration, and the academic, governance, and cultural changes outlined in the strategic plan. It will play an advisory role to the President, Provost, and Senior Leadership, help keep momentum, relevance and focus for the strategic initiatives, and help keep the Wellesley community informed about implementation across multiple work streams and progress toward the key goals. Minutes from each meeting can be found in MyWellesley under Administrivia > For Everyone.

  • Chief of Staff, Chair of the Committee
    Carol Bate
  • Co-Chair of Advisory Committee on Academic Staffing
    Dan Brabender
  • Co-Chair of Advisory Committee on Academic Staffing
    Carol Dougherty
  • Chair of Faculty on Term Appointments, Instructors in Science Laboratory, and Physical Education, Recreation, and Athletics Faculty Advisory Committee
    Marilyn Sides
  • Chair of Agenda Committee
    Anjeana Hans
  • Chair of Budgetary Advisory Committee
    Seth Neumuller
  • Chair of Tenure Track Advisory Committee
    Claudia Joskowicz
  • Katherine Stone Kaufmann ’67 Executive Director of Wellesley Centers for Women
    Layli Maparyan
  • Administrative Council Steering Committee Member
    Cathy Summa
  • Administrative Council Steering Committee Member
    Lauren Kudisch
  • Administrative Council Advisory Board Representative
    Jennifer Thomas-Starck
  • Chair of Presidential Commission on Ethnicity, Race, and Equity
    Cord Whitaker
  • Chief Information Officer and Associate Provost
    Ravi Ravishanker
  • Executive Director of the Alumnae Association
    Kathryn Mackintosh
  • Associate Provost and Executive Director of Career Education
    Jennifer Pollard
  • Associate Dean for Academic Integration & Advising
    Maryellen Kiley
  • Dean of Admission
    Jess Ricker
  • Associate Dean for Residential Life and Community Development
    Helen Wang
  • Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life
    Jackie Marquez
  • Associate Dean of Students for Inclusion and Engagement
    Ines Maturana Sendoya
  • Director of Athletics and Chair of Department of Physical Education, Recreation, and Athletics
    Bethany Ellis
  • Directory Planning, Design, and Construction
    Michelle Maheu
  • Assistant Chief Information Officer
    Nephellie Dobie