Community Working Group


  • Carlos Ramos
    Co-chair; Professor of Spanish
  • Heather Woods ’97
    Co-chair; Associate Chief Information Officer
  • Caroline Alt
    Class of 2021
  • Dan Brabander
    Frost Professor in Environmental Science; Professor of Geosciences
  • Robin Cook-Nobles
    Director of Counseling Services
  • Debra DeVaughn ’74
    Director of Gift Planning
  • Bethany Ellis
    Director of Athletics; Chair of the Department of Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics
  • Rebecca Garcia
    Class Dean
  • Katie Hall ’84
    Distinguished Lecturer in Physics
  • Soo Hong
    Whitehead Associate Professor of Critical Thought; Associate Professor of Education
  • Marisa Jaffe ’95
    Director of Principal Gifts
  • Olivia Massie
    Class of 2022
  • Megan Núñez
    Nan Walsh Schow ’54 and Howard B. Schow Professor in the Physical and Natural Sciences; Professor of Chemistry; Dean of Faculty Affairs
  • Sarah Staley
    Associate Director of Talent Management and Development
  • Kalau Tanaka-Pesamino
    Class of 2020
  • Sarah Wall-Randell ’97
    Associate Professor of English

Strategic Rationale

Building an inclusive community where everyone is valued takes advantage of our diverse experiences, talents, and ideas, allowing individuals and the College community to engage in meaningful experiences and realize their full potential.

Working Hypothesis

A healthy community allows all to be welcomed, seen, heard, and validated as they move fluidly among its subcommunities. The whole community is successful only when everyone succeeds.

Key Questions

  • How do we define a successful community? What are the common elements and shared values we want to foster? How long should the Wellesley community persist for an individual?
  • In a time of transition, what unique levers do we have to (re)build community?
  • Who is responsible for modeling (norms for) a nurturing community?
  • How can the community remove our silos and form new connections?

What We Are Working On Now

The working group is assessing the current state of four elements of the Wellesley community:  

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion (inclusive excellence)
  • Student life (co-curricular experiences)
  • Health and wellness (how community enhances these)
  • Our community in transition (what is prompting the need to focus on this question at this point in time?)

The working group will be considering a range of factors for each of these elements, including:

  • How these elements relate to faculty, students, and staff (including union staff) in independent, overlapping, and/or dependent ways
  • Our past and current efforts on these issues (committees, reports, recommendations, etc.)
  • Examples of promising practices
  • Connections to elements under consideration by other working groups

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