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Wellesley is deeply committed to environmental sustainability and is working towards carbon neutrality on campus.

Responsible stewardship of our planet starts at home, and at Wellesley College, situated on one of the most beautiful campuses in North America, we feel a sense of urgency to protect all that surrounds us—and the world beyond. Trustees, student activists, expert faculty, and incredibly dedicated staff have joined together to shepherd Wellesley towards a more sustainable future.

Wellesley’s comprehensive and forward-looking Sustainability Plan and a set of five guiding principles serve as our compass as we seek to advance environmental sustainability and achieve carbon neutrality. E2040 is the working group of the Board of Trustees charged with mapping our route and has begun its work on an Energy Master Plan.


Wellesley’s multipart energy initiative: UpdatesWellesley’s Multipart Energy Initiative: Updates E2040 Working GroupE2040 Working Group