Wellesley’s sustainability efforts are ongoing—check back here for the latest updates on this important work.

10/29/18: The Board of Trustees has committed approximately $24 million to be spent from 2019 through 2021:

  • To spend $6 million to improve energy efficiency in our campus buildings.
  • To replace the College’s steam absorption chiller plant with an electric chiller plant.
  • To decommission our five natural gas electricity generators and partner with Wellesley Municipal Light and Power to provide the College with more renewable electricity.
  • To help lower our annual utility costs, we will construct a “peak-shaving” power plant that will generate electricity during peak electrical-use periods (approximately 600 hours each year) and during power grid failures.
  • To accelerate ongoing discussions with potential partners to increase production of energy from renewable sources, such as wind and solar power.