Social Science Summer Research Program

Social Science Summer Research Program

What is the SSSRP?

The SSSRP at Wellesley College offers students a unique opportunity to conduct research in a variety of social science disciplines under supervision of faculty experts in that field. As part of this full-time summer position, fellows attend workshops on the use of technology and participate in seminars where faculty and students present their work. The program culminates in a poster presentation where student researchers can share their work with other fellows and faculty.

Program Features

The SSSRP will support...

  • Full-time summer fellows's stipend and housing for 9 weeks to conduct research assistance under a faculty member's supervision;
  • Workshops for participants to present and get feedback on their on-going work. Note that student fellows are responsible to attend all meetings and the poster session. Faculty supervisors are only asked to participate in the introductory meeting and attend their student fellow's presentation. We also ask that faculty participants volunteer to give a research talk early in the program to provide an examplar for students to emulate.
Program Dates
  • The SSSRP is a 9-week program. The 2019 dates are June 3 - August 2, 2019. 
  • The Summer Research Poster Session is scheduled for Thursday, August 1, 2019 (all students are expected to participate in the poster session)
Important Deadlines for Faculty
  • To be eligible to be considered for the Summer 2019 program, interested researchers must submit the application form by Friday, February 15th, 2019.
  • Faculty whose projected are selected for the program will be notified shortly thereafter and their projects will be posted to the SSSRP Current Projects page.
  • Faculty participants will select their fellow from their corresponding list of applicants by Friday, March 15th.
Faculty Eligibility

All faculty with research and/or teaching interests within the social sciences are encouraged to apply to the program. 

Faculty Selection Criteria
  • Should we have more faculty applicants than available funding, priority may be given to
    • junior faculty;
    • faculty who do not have a research assistant through another program;
    • faculty who take a particularly interdisciplinary approach to teaching and research;
    • faculty who can cover a portion of their student wage through other funding sources.
  • Finally, we will look for breadth in representation across departments and programs.
  • Being off campus for much or all of the summer does not typically preclude participation in the program. 


Student Eligibility
  • Rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors are eligible (Classes of 2020, 2021, 2022). Preference may be given to rising juniors and seniors.
  • Students who expect to be employed at any other significant full-time or part-time job are not eligible for this program (small jobs, like babysitting, and evening jobs may be permitted, conditional on clear communication and mutual agreement between the faculty supervisor and the student fellow).
  • Students who expect to be away from the Boston area for 4 or more consecutive business days between the dates of the program are not eligible. 
Student Application and Selection Process
  • Information about the project(s) of faculty participants is/will be posted under the Current Projects sub-page. 
  • Once all the proposals have been posted, students will have two weeks to apply to the project(s) of their choice.
  • Students who would like to apply will directly contact the faculty whose research interests match theirs (contact information details will appear on the Current Projects sub-page).
  • Faculty will be asked to select their fellow from their list of applicants by March 15, 2019.
  • The names of selected students and their faculty supervisors will be announced on the KSSC website shortly thereafter.
  • Faculty are encouraged (but not required) to select students who have not yet had a chance to work with a faculty member as part of programs like the SSSRP, the Knapp Fellows Program, the Case Fellows Program, the Sophomore Early Research Program, etc. 
Faculty Commitments and Benefits

As part of the program, faculty participants commit to:

  • attend one introductory lunch meeting;
  • attend their student's presentation;

Faculty participants are also encouraged to volunteer to give a research talk on a topic of their choice at one of the weekly lunch meetings.

Benefits for faculty include:

  • funded full-time RA for 9 weeks over the summer;
  • a $1,000 stipend;
  • opportunity to learn about what other social science faculty are up to by attending one of the workshops.
Student Commitments and Benefits

As part of the program, student participants commit to: 

  • work full-time (35 hours per week) under the supervision of the faculty member. This implies prompt responses to email and regular meetings;
  • attend one introductory lunch meeting and all other lunch workshops (lunch will be provided);
  • produce and present a poster summarizing their research at the Summer Research Poster Session on August 1, 2019.

It is strongly recommended that student participants come in to work daily in a provided space (PNE 125). 

Benefits for students include:

  • working one-on-one with a faculty member;
  • receiving a stipend of $4,140 for the 9-week program (works out to just over $13/hr for a 35 hr week);
  • learning valuable oral communication skills by presenting at workshops and/or learning from faculty about how to present academic work.
Further Questions? Contact...

Please do not hesitate to contact KSSC Director Olga Shurchkov ( or email the center at if you have any questions.