Qualitative Research Method Courses

Wellesley College Courses on Qualitative Research Methods in Social Sciences

The courses listed below offer students an opportunity to develop skills necessary to work with faculty whose social science research employs qualitative methods, such as interviews and surveys. 

WGST 224 01 - Feminist Ethnography

Faculty: Natali Valdez, Assistant Professor of Women's and Gender Studies

Description: What are ethnographic methods? And what is feminist ethnography? This course addresses these questions by exploring the method of ethnography from a feminist perspective. The class grounds ethnographic methods in anthropology and explores examples from across the social sciences. The readings for the class explore topics of engaged research and feminist politics of knowledge production. The course focuses on situating ethnographic methods within feminist epistemologies, learning and doing ethnographic methods, and critically examining ethnographic examples by attending to race, gender, and power. Students will have an opportunity to do research interviews and participant observation. The final project will require students to do their own ethnographic project. 

Prerequisite(s): None

Distribution(s): Social and Behavioral Analysis