Wellesley Centers for Women

Located at Wellesley College, the Wellesley Centers for Women (WCW) is the largest academic research and action institute in the United States that is focused on women and gender and driven by social change. 

Scholars at WCW advance gender equality, social justice, and human wellbeing through high-quality research, theory, and action programs. 

Their research explores critical social issues in education, economic security, mental health, youth and adolescent development, and gender-based violence. In addition, WCW is home to innovative action programs that advance equity in educational spaces.

WCW helps to shape a better world by sharing its work with leaders of all kinds so they can make informed decisions that improve the lives of women and girls, families and communities. Since 1974, the work of WCW has led to critical changes in public policies, perceptions, and practices around gender equity in the workplace, sexual harassment in schools, gender-based violence, depression prevention, and child care issues. 

Each year, WCW employs Wellesley College students in part-time research, technical, and administrative positions. It also offers paid social science research internships through the Class of 1967 Internship Program.

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