Emeriti Benefits

Benefits for Faculty Emeritae/i

Although emeritae/i faculty are no longer employees of the College, they remain connected to the College and reatin some of the important privileges including:

  1. Library privileges
  2. Campus parking permit
  3. E-mail account
  4. Domain (campus network login) account
  5. Membership in emeritae/i "Google Group" and other online conferences
  6. Eligibility to apply for faculty awards (up to $3,000/year)
  7. Eligibility for conference travel support (up to $2,000/year)
  8. Listing in the college online directory
  9. Faculty profile on the college web site
  10. College ID
  11. Membership in the President's Club (includes waived fees for membership in the Sports Center, Nehoiden Golf Club, and College Club)
  12. Business cards
  13. Use of department stationery for professional correspondence
  14. Tickets to Commencement (when required) and other special college events
  15. Ability to march in faculty procession at Commencement and other special college events
  16. Emeritae/i luncheon, hosted by the Provost's Office
  17. Eligibility to apply for library "study" 
  18. Participation in wellness program activities
  19. Continued access to Employee Assistance Program (AllOne Health) and Health Advocate program.

Information regarding Conference Travel and Faculty Awards Reimbursements:

  • Please send all emails related to reimbursements or faculty award policies to provostfinance@wellesley.edu
  • If you are sending in a reimbursement request, we would appreciate your providing as much detail as possible regarding the expenses and the itemizations. For example, if you are requesting reimbursement for meals, please itemize alcohol expenses separately. This will avoid back-and-forths and delays.
  • We would also appreciate if all the receipts can be sent electronically, either by scanning them or taking a photo of them using your smartphone. If you can do this, please send these as attachments when you send the email to provostfinance@wellesley.edu. This will enable us to process the reimbursement requests faster. We generally approve the completed request (without any omissions or questions from us) between 5 and 7 working days and the finance office takes similar time for their review and approval.
  • We understand that you may not be able to send the receipts electronically. In that case, please mail them to the Provost's Office, but add Attention: Reimbursement Receipts. Please note that this will take longer because we need to scan and attach them to the expense report. We will keep you informed of when these will be processed via email.