Pinanski Prize Winners

The Pinanski Teaching Prize is awarded annually to members of the Wellesley College faculty to honor fine teaching.

The Prize may be awarded to as many as three members of the faculty each year, preferably one in each of the College's three academic areas: the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences. The Prize is meant to recognize some particular strength, some style or method or course, or some other describable event that has been especially successful.

Nominations are submitted by the College community. The selection is made by the President in consultation with the Pinanski Prize Committee. The prizes are awarded in recognition of the high quality of teaching at Wellesley. The community does not know the names of the recipients until they are announced at Commencement.


Pinanski Prize Recipients



2023 read citations Ama Baafra Abeberese ’04, Economics
Adam Matthews, Biological Sciences
Daniel Zitnick, Middle Eastern Studies
2022 read citations

Tracy McAskill, Physics
Marta Rainer ’98, Theatre Studies
Susan Skeath, Economics

2021 read citations Rebecca Belisle, Physics
Selwyn R. Cudjoe, Africana Studies
Alice T. Friedman, Art
2020 read citations Angela Bahns, Psychology
Amy Banzaert, Engineering
Daniela Rivera, Art
2019 read citations

Kimberly Cassibry, Art
Soo Hong, Education
Jaclyn Hatala Matthes, Biological Sciences

2018 read citations Jenny Olivia Johnson, Music
Paul MacDonald, Political Science
Wesley Andres Watters, Astronomy
2017 read citations Corinne Gartner, Philosophy
Brenna Greer, History
Andrew Schultz, Mathematics
2016 read citations Irene Mata, Women's and Gender Studies
Casey Rothschild, Economics
Carla Verschoor, Chemistry
2015 read citations Barb Beltz, Neuroscience
Wini Wood, Cinema and Media Studies (*)
Phil Kohl, Anthropology
2014 read citations Chris Arumainayagam, Chemistry
Kate Brogan, English
Joe Joyce, Economics
2013 read citations Orit Shaer, Computer Science
Tracy Gleason, Psychology
Lisa Rodensky, English
2012 read citations Alex Diesl, Mathematics
Koichi Hagimoto, Spanish
Margaret Keane, Psychology
2011 read citations Stacie Goddard, Political Science
Carlos Ramos, Spanish
Yuichiro Suzuki, Biological Sciences
2010 read citations Connie Bauman, Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics
Daniel Brabander, Geosciences
Paul Fisher, American Studies
2009 read citations Rebecca B. Bedell, Art
Donald E. Elmore, Chemistry
Charlene A. Galarneau, Women's Studies
2008 read citations Lee Cuba, Sociology
Dennis Smith, Biological Sciences
Patrica A. Gray Berman, Art History
2007 read citations Rachid Aadnani, Middle Eastern Studies
John S. Cameron, Biological Sciences (*)
Nancy P. Genero, Psychology
2006 read citations Frank Bidart, English
Nolan Flynn, Chemistry
Ann Velenchik, Economics
2005 read citations Harold E. Andrews, Geosciences (**)
Elizabeth R. DeSombre, Political Science and Environmental Studies
Lawrence A. Rosenwald, English
2004 read citations Richard French, Astronomy
Bunny Harvey, Art (*)
Kenneth Winkler, Philosophy (***)
2003 read citations Stanley S. Chang, Mathematics
Roxanne L. Euben, Political Science
Marilyn Sides, English
2002 read citations Nicholas K. Doe, Chemistry
Maurizio S. Viano, Italian Studies (*)
Akila Weerapana, Economics
2001 read citations William E. Cain, English
David L. Lindauer, Economics
Franklyn A. Turbak, Computer Science
2000 read citations Martin Brody, Music
Mary Coyne, Biological Science (*)
Elena Tajima Creef, Women's Studies
1999 read citations Marjory Schwartz Levey, Biological Sciences (***)
Andrea G. Levitt, French (*)
Lidwien Kapteijns, History


Nora Hussey, Theatre Studies (*)
Marianne V. Moore, Biological Sciences (*)
Robert L. Paarlberg, Political Science (*)


Phyllis I. McGibbon, Art (Studio)
Julia H. Miwa, Chemistry
Edward A. Stettner, Political Science (**)


Emily B. Giffin Buchholtz, Biological Sciences
Kathryn Lynch, English
Ifeanyi A. Menkiti, Philosophy (**)


Thomas P. Hodge, Russian
Susan S. Silbey, Sociology (
Ann Trenk, Mathematics 


Charles B. Fisk, Music (*)
Sally S. Merry, Anthropology
Patrick Morton, Mathematics (***)


Julie S. Drucker Donnelly, Political Science (***)
Frederic W. Shultz, Mathematics
Raymond J. Starr, Greek and Latin


Jacqueline Howard-Matthews, Africana Studies (***)
Randy Shull, Computer Science (*)
Luther T. Tyler, English (**)


Owen Jander, Music (**)
Nancy H. Kolodny, Chemistry (*)
Andrew Shennan, History


Stephen A. Marini, Religion (*)
Michele M. Respaut, French (*)
Glenn Stark, Physics


Maud Chaplin, Philosophy (*)
David R. Haines, Chemistry (*)
Laura Levine, English (***)


Marcellus Andrews, Economics (***)
Ellen Hall, Biological Sciences (*)
Richard W. Wallace, Art (*)


Robin M. Akert, Psychology
Gail Reimer, English (***)
Margaret D. Thompson, Geology (*)


Mary M. Allen, Biological Sciences (*)
Ann Congleton, Philosophy (*)
Frances Gouda, History (***)
Helen Lin, Chinese (posthumous) (**)


William F. Coleman, Chemistry (*)
Philip J. Finkelpearl, English (*)
Rodney J. Morrison, Economics


Marsha Darling, Black Studies (now Africana Studies) (***)
Michael J. Hearn, Chemistry (*)
Margery M. Sabin, English (*)


Joy Renjilian-Burgy, Spanish
Alan H. Shuchat, Mathematics (*)
Claire Zimmerman, Psychology (**)


David Ferry, English (*)
Phyllis Fleming, Physics (**)
Jonathan B. Knudsen, History (**)
Notes (*) - emeritus/emerita faculty
(**) - deceased
(***) - no longer at Wellesley College