Construction Workforce Participation Goal

Wellesley College has been preparing women to succeed in any and every field for nearly 150 years.

As we set out to build Wellesley’s new Science Center, we considered key construction industry data points to establish our goal for women and minorities participation in the building project workforce.

  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2018, 3.7 percent of full-time construction laborers were women.
  • The goal for federally funded construction projects is to have a workforce with at least 6.9 percent women workers and 10 percent minority workers.
  • Massachusetts' state goals set the participation of minorities at 15.3 percent and of women at 6.9 percent for construction workforce.
  • For City of Boston construction projects, we calculate that the average participation of women is 5 percent.

Wellesley’s preliminary construction workforce participation goal for its Science Center project:

Combined women and minority workforce participation


Project Management

Wellesley’s commitment to promote workforce diversity includes the leadership team that manages the construction project. Of the team’s 53 members, 42 percent are women and 28 percent are minority members.

members of the project management team

Construction Project Workforce Participation

As of 10.15.2020


For the project overall, women’s workforce participation
icon of people wearing hard hats
For the project overall, minority workforce participation


Electrical Workforce Participation

icon of a group of people, lightning bolt on chest
Electrical trade women’s workforce participation
→ Compare this to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report that 2.4 percent of electricians are women!
icon of people in hard hats with a lightning bolt on the chest
Electrical trade minority workforce participation


Wages and Benefits

When they bring similar levels of experience, all members of the Science Center building project are paid the same wage for the same work.


Wellesley strongly supports the right of workers to organize to advance their interests—the right to collective bargaining, to fair pay and benefits, and to safe working conditions.

The Science Center building project is open to both union and non-union shops. In all cases, the College seeks to hire contractors that demonstrate a commitment to employees, including workforce diversity, fair wages and benefits, and a culture of workplace fairness, respect, compliance, and safety.
Union shops engaged to date in the new Science Center construction project
Non-union shops engaged in the new Science Center construction project


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