Colors are also a key component in successfully communicating the visual identity of Wellesley College.


“Wellesley Blue” (Pantone 280) is the foundation color of the identity. Offset by the addition of a cream (Pantone 7506) and black, Wellesley’s traditional color is given the ability to exist in different and differentiating contexts throughout the identity, while retaining its historical significance to the College.

PMS 280
C100 / M78 / Y5 / K18
R0 / G39 / B118

PMS 7506
C0 / M7 / Y23 / K1
R236 / G222 / B187

C0 / M0 / Y0 / K100
R0 / G0 / B0



A secondary color palette has been developed to strengthen, support, and complement the Wellesley Blue, giving it greater versatility and dynamism in the long term. Each secondary color, in its own way, emphasizes the richness of the Wellesley Blue and enhances its character. In addition to Wellesley Blue (PMS 280) and black, there are 14 secondary colors, categorized into two groups: color-saturated hues and “sister” tinted shades. We recommend that combinations across the two groups be used, not within them.

logo black


Specific Pantone colors have been designated as the four class colors.

Note that for legibility, text in the green, red, and purple are a slightly darker shade, while the yellow becomes Wellesley Blue.

logo black