The mission of the Alumnae Interview program is to support the Office of Admission's efforts to identify, recruit, and enroll the most talented and diverse group of students possible.

Welcome to the Wellesley College Admission Office Alumnae Interviewer Website!  This site will contain all of the information you will need in order to successfully interview candidates for the admission office.  All interviewers, regardless of whether you have interviewed for us in the past, are REQUIRED to fill out the Interviewer Registration Form before interviewing any prospective candidates to Wellesley. Interviewers need to register on a yearly basis.  If you are the AAR for your club, you do not have to fill out this form as you have already registered through the AAR website.


In addition to updating your contact information, we are asking each interviewer to review the Mission of the Alumnae Interviewer Program, the Interviewing Guidelines and Process information and agree to the Principles of Good Practice as outlined in the Interview Registration Form (see links in left column of this web page).  We hope that this information will provide you with better guidance about the goals and mission of the alumnae interview program and how your role as an interviewer impacts the Admission Office's recruitment efforts and the College's ability to enroll the best students for Wellesley.  Unfortunately, we can not accept any interview reports from alumnae who do not fill out the registration form.  


For those of you who have interviewed with us in the past, you will notice that there is a new off-campus interview report form.  We hope that this shortened form will allow you to spend more time chatting and making connections with prospective students by providing you with an easy and efficient way to report on those conversations.  The sidebar to the left also contains links to Sample Interview Questions and Student FAQs that will help you prepare for your interview.  Once you have completed your interview, please submit the Off-Campus Interview Report Form via your online portal.  

Thank you in advance for all that you do for Wellesley and the Board of Admission!