There’s something for everyone in Boston and Cambridge, and a (reasonably priced) bus to get you there.

  • Some of my favorite memories about Wellesley do not occur in the classroom, but in the city, spending time with friends and unwinding from the busy week. This fall, to celebrate the beginning of our sophomore year, my close friends and I visited Flour Bakery and Cafe, feasting on warm bread and buns. We'd heard rave reviews, and it's conveniently located on Massachusetts Avenue, right near MIT’s campus, so we were able to use the Senate bus and get off at the Mass Ave stop.
  • We took our own first-year “little sisters” (one of my favorite Wellesley traditions) and chatted about how their years were going. Next, we walked to Toscaninis, which is famous for having the best ice cream in Boston. I ate their signature flavor, burnt caramel, which was strong but delicious.
  • Food is not Boston’s only highlight! I also love shopping on Newbury Street, hanging out on Boston Common, and strolling around the historic North End. In only my short time at Wellesley, I have countless fond memories of exploring Boston with my friends. I have been whale watching at the New England Aquarium, seen the Boston Ballet perform the Nutcracker, and visited Walden Pond in Concord.  Yet so much remains that I want to do! 
  • Gardner MuseumVisiting the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum! (pictured at right) It's within walking distance from the MFA and is a much-underrated museum.  The museum used to be the home of Ms. Gardner and it is incredible anyone ever lived surrounded by so many beautiful things.  It is also the site of the biggest museum robbery in history, and you can still see where the stolen paintings would have hung.
  • The best first date I ever went on was at Trident Cafe.  They make the most delicious sandwiches I have ever had.  My personal favorite is the Avocado and Havarti Melt.  It's like heaven on a slice of bread!
  • I had an internship my second semester in Chinatown at the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center assisting in an after-school program for grade school kids.  This was the first time I had ever been in a teacher position in a classroom, and it was such a great learning experience that I am now an Education Studies minor and getting a teaching certificate.
  • Thrift shopping all over the city is one of my favorite ways to spend a day (wear comfortable shoes because Boston does not have the best sidewalks). For those with an adventurous spirit and who want to keep their wallets a little fuller, shopping in Boston is the way to go.  There are tons of thrift stores all over the city like Goodwill and Salvation Army but the most famous is the Garment District.  It's a great place to find a Halloween costume or that sweater that is the perfect combination of ugly and cute.
  • Studying.  That's right, I said it.  It's perhaps not the most exciting thing to put in an essay on what to do in Boston, but it is one of my most common activities.  I like to go into Boston to study because it makes me feel more productive and I like studying better in busy spaces.  Some of my favorite places to study are the Boston Public Library, Diesel CafeJamaica Pond, or Boston Common when it's warm outside, or one of the dozens of cafes on Newbury Street when I want to be close to a Peter Pan bus stop. 
  • Not only are there fun and entertaining things to do in Beantown, but also there is a wide range of professional opportunities here in the Greater Boston area. During my first few weeks at Wellesley, I began volunteering on a political campaign for one of my political science classes. Through this experience I learned about the various internships, jobs, and volunteer opportunities available for us at our fingertips. I kept in close contact with the candidate who ran for office and received the opportunity to work at Cambridge City Hall. It just goes to show that there are various avenues to help you gain technical skills, street smarts (such as navigating the T), and real life experiences that will stick with you forever. 
  • I've gone to Newbury St. (Georgetown Cupcakes, LA Burdick's, Shake Shack), MFA, several campuses (MIT, Harvard, BU, Tufts), and Frog Pond
  •  My friends and I have two annual traditions. Since Wellesley is so aptly located, it is easy to travel to other New England destinations. Every year during the long weekend before Marathon Monday we do a road trip to a new city. First year we did Rhode Island and the year after that we did Maine. Also, every year at the end of spring semester my friends and I go to Cape Cod and spend some time on the beach rewarding ourselves for a good year.
  • Going out into Boston to try to find a study-friendly/conversation-friendly coffee shop with friends I have made through Mezcla, exploring the MFA with a friend from my First Year Mentor Group, gone dancing at a jazz club's "Latin Night" as a Mezcla outing, and walking around Faneuil Hall and the North End decorated with Christmas lights after attending the Nutcracker.
  • So many fun outings!! Trident bookstore on Newbury street in Boston is one of my FAVORITE places. They have the best waffles and every Friday is trivia night. It's quite fun. My friends and I have also instituted occasional museum days where we take a Saturday to go explore the MFA or the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum. I try and get into Boston on a regular basis to see theater as well! I recently saw a play at the Boston Playwright's Theater written by Melinda Lopez (a playwriting professor here at Wellesley).
  • The Science Museum is fun for all ages. The whole track team went to the Science Museum over wintersession and we were having more fun than the kids around us. The IMAX theater was amazing. Exploring Boston is also always a fun outing as there are so many really cool things to explore and do.
  •  I have been on a trip to Boston Commons with Society Zeta Alpha. I have also volunteered at Boston Calling, a music festival in Boston.
  • One of my favorites was to college night at Fenway Park to see a Red Sox game. They provided a space to hang out with other college students and see the World Series' trophies up close. Also, I love going to Max Brenner's to celebrate birthdays with chocolate.
  •  I go to Boston or Cambridge every weekend! I love exploring the two cities with my friends. Plus, there are so many college students in the Boston area that there are always fun events happening all over the city!
  • One of my favorite outings that I have been on was sponsored by the Office of Student Involvement. They hosted a trip to Wrentham Outlet Mall, where I was able to buy all of my winter necessities. Before my first year at Wellesley I had not ever seen snow before, so it was an extremely helpful trip.



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