We’re here for you. Call us. Have your parents call us. We want families to have the best options for financing your education.

If you have concerns, we want to hear from you as soon as possible. All of our counselors are ready to help families make the right choices at the right times. —Student Financial Services staff

Questions and Concerns?

At this stage of the admission process, you and your family may have questions about financing a Wellesley education. Be in touch with us early! We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible and ask to speak with a Student Financial Services counselor at 781.283.2360 if you have questions, need more detailed information, or wish to discuss your financial aid award.

Frequently Asked Questions

We encourage you to visit the Student Financial Services website for details and additional FAQs, including those especially for Admitted Students as well as about Aid AwardsFinancingLoan PolicyStudent Employment, and eBill. These FAQs address questions often asked by admitted students and their families. 

Below are students' (and recent alumnae's) comments about their Student Financial Services.

Student Financial Services is a unique part of our institution. The support and the work that they do is amazing, and many students here (myself included) never thought such an institution was open to us until we read about Wellesley's need-based commitment to their admitted students.

I have had several interactions with our SFS staff, and all have been positive. Sometimes it can be stressful to be dealing with something as important as college tuition, but they understand that. My best experiences came when I went, in person, to discuss my situation with a counselor, ask tons of questions, and take lots of notes to better understand loans, grants and just how it all works. You've probably never been to college before, and they know that, so if you go in in person, it's much easier to get your questions answered, and gain an all around better understanding of what all the "stuff" in your file means.   — Taylor Rondestvedt '15, History; Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thanks to Student Financial Services, Wellesley was more affordable than any other school I was accepted to, public or private. I've gone to the SFS office in the middle of the day and spoken to a financial aid counselor within minutes, no appointment necessary.  — Dylan McGarvey '16, History, New Fairfield, Connecticut

Wellesley commits to meeting 100% of demonstrated financial need, and if you are accepted, Wellesley wants you to come... badly. Wellesley makes it possible for you to come, so even if initially it seems financially unfeasible, Wellesley will work with you. — Adele Watkins '17, Philosophy; Minneapolis, Minnesota

I will have funding for two summer internships and interning for these two summers would not have been possible without Wellesley's financial support! What was important to me is that there was communication to students that funding is available through various sources! I was surprised that there was so much available funding and that I could do an internship without having finances become a barrier.  — Mara Palmer '15, Political Science; Easthampton, Massachusetts

Wellesley has supported my love of traveling. I visited Hawaii and California with a class. I studied abroad in New Zealand for a semester. I met my professor in Indonesia to do field work. I visited the Netherlands with my professor to learn a how to use a coastal model. I presented my work at a conference in San Francisco. All of this has been either partially or fully supported through financial aid, grants, fellowships, scholarships, or professor research funding. — Caroline Templeton '14, Geosciences; Sarasota, Florida

There are truly no words to describe how Wellesley's financial aid affected my life. If it weren't for the comprehensive and generous financial aid package, I would not have gone to this amazing institution. — Consuelo Valdes '11 post-graduate intern, Computer Science

This year I have no loans, which I never thought would happen. Wellesley never ceases to amaze me. They work very hard to make this school affordable for everyone. I am truly grateful to SFS. — Kaitlin Bradshaw '14, psychology; Wexford, Pennsylvania