Why choose Wellesley? Friendship, ethos of sisterhood, kindred spirits, talented women, access to professors, the best social and intellectual environment for women, the network, the network, and the network . . . . 

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patrice and friendsPatrice Caldwell '15, Political Science, Arlington, Texas
The thing is, Wellesley to me is a college like no other. Yes, I am sure I could have attended another college and done just as well, if not better; however, my experience wouldn’t be as rich.  I wouldn’t have gotten to have a writing class and 200-level political science class with seven people my first year.  I wouldn’t have met people who are so different from me in every way and had them become some of my best friends with some of our only similarities being our love for “Mean Girls,”  trips to the MFA, and the pursuit of knowledge.  I don’t think I would hold the officer positions I do in various organizations, nor would I have been able to do research with the head of the Sociology Department as a sophomore.  I’m not saying Wellesley is perfect, because it isn’t; but I do consider it to be a second home for me, a place where I feel safe, yet at the same time am able to strike out on my own and carve my own path with the help of the tools and resources Wellesley gives me.

When choosing a college we are often told to find the place with a great social life, world-renown departments or professors, and the coolest dorms. My advice is to find the place that makes you feel at ease and gives you the most opportunities to excel because no matter where you go will be a point where the going gets hard. My first semester, I was terribly homesick, yet thankfully the communities I’m a part of at Wellesley as well as the supportive faculty here were able to pull me out of my gloom.  So don’t just choose a college with the coolest dorms or most illustrious faculty because those factors don’t help you when you need it most, it’s just not worth it.

Gladys Raygoza '15, Cinema and Media Arts, Wichita Falls, Texas
The best things about Wellesley are the professors and the support system. The professors are really dedicated and are always willing to help you in office hours even if it's something simple. Wellesley administration is dedicated to making sure that if anyone needs help in any way they can easily receive it. From the RAs to the class deans there are people willing and ready to help with anything from homesickness to homework. 

houdaHouda Khaled '16, Biological Chemistry, Philadephia, Pennsylvania
Talk to as many people as you can. If there's any organization you are particularly curious about, or if you are really interested in a certain department, try emailing them. Everyone at Wellesley loves talking about their school, and I promise you they'll be excited to answer any of your questions! 

Michelle Claros '15, Political Science and Peace & Justice Studies, San Jose, California
One of the reasons I was so interested in Wellesley was because I heard about the great student professor bonds. When I visited I sat in on a class and got to see this dynamic and knew it was right for me! This year I realized how great that dynamic is when one of my professors took our class out to dinner. We got to try some delicious new food and have interesting conversations! It made me realize how special Wellesley is especially since many students have this experience as well. 

Narayani Gupta

Narayani Gupta '15, Economics, Jaipur, India
The reasons I chose to come to Wellesley and why I would never leave are innumerable. I love how at Wellesley students are treated like daughters. There are small classes and professors are very approachable. The campus is beautiful and we have our own lake. As for a women's college, the whole environment is very comfortable. You can walk around in sweatpants and talk about almost anything and people won't judge you. Everyone at Wellesley is special and there is no cut-throat competition.

Arievea FreemanArlevea Freeman '15, Economics, Chicago, Illinois
I choose Wellesley because of the women I met on and off campus who continue to inspire and awe me. When I came for Fall Open Campus, I was overjoyed over the conversations, lessons, and new friends I was able to have. That was over one weekend! I knew Wellesley was a place I could truly call home. Being a part of the Wellesley Choir is an experience that has shaped my musical and social life. I’ve gotten the chance to learn Portuguese, Russian, and Latin, as well as make and eat the best blondies I have ever had, all while singing along to Cinderella, the musical, with amazing singers.

Sanam Anwar '15, Biological Sciences, Austin, Texas
One of the best things about Wellesley is that I got to be part of Al-Muslimat, Wellesley's Muslim Student Association!


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