Ophelia Dahl '94, Executlve Director of Partners in Health, speaking with Wellesley students
Alumnae portraits in Alumnae Hall
A nostalgic moment for graduating seniors
Two alumnae return to Wellesley
Gathering to hear Hillary
Lulu Chow Wang '66 and Anthony Wang at the 2005 opening of The Lulu Chow Wang Campus Center
Award winning journalist, producer, commentator Callie Crossley '73
Desiree Rogers '81, CEO of Johnson Publishing, "one of the 50 most powerful African American women in business" - Black Enterprise
Pamela Melroy '06, former astronaut and commander - NASA Space Shuttle
Alecia DeCoudreaux '76, president of Mills College

The (amazing) Network: Wellesley’s illustrious alumnae—sort of intimidating at first, but then just inspiring.

April Alumnae Gatherings for Admitted Students

See if there is an alumnae gathering for admitted students in your area in the coming weeks. If so, we invite you and your parents to join us. It's always fun to meet alumnae, in part because they're still as excited about Wellesley as the day they graduated!

Wellesley's Illustrious Alumnae—Just a Glimpse

The co-founder of Zipcar. A NASA Space Shuttle pilot and commander. Korea's first female ambassador. A former COO of Colgate-Palmolive. Two secretaries of state. Several Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists. The cofounder of City Year. The director of Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch. The executive director of Partners in Health. An Apple board member. And so on. There are thousands more doing less headline-y things; you will meet them; you will rely on them for guidance and sustenance and actual shelter. Here's the important part: they were once exactly where you are.

Wellesley Alumnae in the News

See Alumnae in the News and read about a member of the US Biathlon's World Championship Team and a member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame, an infectious disease specialist helping patients with ebola in West Africa, a Wellesley-related Twitter exchange between Madeleine Albright '59 and Hillary Clinton '69, a profile of an entrepreneurial alumna (plus her thought on a liberal arts education), alumnae in higher education, including: a college president, a provost, a dean of engineering, and a law school dean. See also: a coder by day and emerging poet by night; Fulbright, NSF, and Wellesley-funded fellowship award winners, as well as numerous alumnae in business, international politics, economics, the media, archaeology, STEM fields, and much more.

An Extraordinary Network Ready to Help You

As a Wellesley graduate, you'll join an extraordinary network, a sisterhood for a lifetime. Our extensive network will help with career or graduate school exploration or searches. Many students find internships through alumnae, and young graduates often find their first job or apartment thanks to an alum. While the Wellesley student experience is fantastic, it is the supportive network of alumnae who make the all-nighters and 25-page papers all worth it in the end! Browse internships at the Center for Work and Service.  Read about the College's introduction of the next generation of the Wellesley Alumnae Network on LinkedIn.

Stories from College and Beyond

In case you haven't seen The Invaluable Wellesley – what it's worth: stories from college and beyond. Alumnae answer questions including: What made you choose Wellesley? What was the most important resource you used? What advice would you give to someone who's looking at colleges right now? 

Notable Wellesley Alumnae

It's still just the tip of the iceberg, but take a look at what some of our notable alumnae have accomplished. See also: recent Alumnae Achievement Award recipients and, what a few young alumnae are doing.  See Wellesley women leaders.

Alumnae Achievement Award Winners
Suzanne Ciani '68, Electronic Music Pioneer, Composer, Recording Artist Jeanne Kilbourne '64, Media Activist, Filmmaker, Author Nancy Kornblith Kopp '65, Effective Politician, Distinguished Public Servant
2014 orleans sommaripa  
C. Tracy Orleans '70, nationally recognized expert and leader in behavioral medicine Eva Sommaripa '63, pioneer in the food world as a purveyor of healthy organic greens and an early leader of sustainable lifestyles
2013 callie crossley barbara goldsmith marilyn koenick
Callie Crossley '73, Journalist, Producer, Commentator Diana Farmer '77, Pediatric-Fetal Surgeon, Teacher, Mentor Barbara Lubin Goldsmith '53, Author, Preservationist, Philanthropist Marilyn Koenick Yalom '54, Feminist Scholar, Cultural Historian
Susan McGee Bailey '63, Champion for Gender Equity, Collaborative Leade Wendy Gillespie '72, Early Music Virtuosa, Inspirational Teacher Mary Jeanne Kreek '58, Physician-Scientist, Pioneer in Addiction Research