Opportunities + resources = positive outcomes. Or, the way in which Wellesley changes the composition of entire fields of study.

Wellesley's Resources

Need-blind admission

Wellesley's financial strength enables the College to provide need-blind admission, allowing us to enroll the best and brightest students, regardless of their ability to pay. It also enables us to meet the full demonstrated need of each admitted student. Wellesley’s financial strength and stability further allow us to make ongoing and significant investments in science and technology. Wellesley's ongoing investment in state-of-the-art scientific equipment and the newest educational technologies keep students on the cutting edge of academic disciplines.

Academic Strength

7:1 Student:faculty ratio

Wellesley has established a reputation for intellectual achievement and distinction. The College is also known for its outstanding academic program and faculty; 98 percent hold a Ph.D. or the highest degree in their field. Ninety percent of classes have fewer than 30 students, of which 74 percent have fewer than 20 students. Wellesley students consistently win numerous grants and fellowships.

Leadership Opportunities

100% female student leaders at Wellesley

If you're considering a coed college, consider the ratio of male/female leadership positions. If the enrollment is 50 percent women, is the percent of leadership roles also 50 percent women? Or is it closer to 10 percent? What percent of women are awarded funds for research, earn key jobs, or attend professional meetings? Learn more about leadership opportunities through the Albright Institute for Global Affairs, the Ruhlman Conference, the Tanner Conference

Global Perspectives

40% students of color  |  50% (approx) of juniors study abroad  |  10% international students

Wellesley is one of the most diverse liberal arts colleges the nation; 40 percent represent different racial and ethnic groups; 10 percent are international students. A diverse faculty, guest lecturers from all over the world, a multicultural course requirement, numerous cultural organizations, as well as experiential learning opportunities—study abroad, internships, research, and community service—further expose students to global perspectives. See also the Albright Institute for Global Affairs.

Boston and Cambridge

12 miles to Boston  |  250,000 college students

The cosmopolitan offerings of Boston and Cambridge complement Wellesley’s intellectual, cultural, and social life. There are numerous internships, jobs, and community service opportunities for students. Boston is a lively city with 250,000 college students. Students balance academic focus and diligence with relaxation, fun, and frivolity.

Internships and Community Service

74% of seniors participated in internships  |  300 (approx) seniors participated in 50+ summer internship programs in 30+ countries

Seventy-four percent of seniors participated in an internship while at Wellesley. Of this number, 20 percent had an internship abroad. (Data based on online survey to seniors prior to graduation.) Wellesley funds Quick-Fix Community Service Grants to support students turning their individual commitments into collective action. Career Education awarded 27 Community Service Travel Grants of up to $1,000 each to students for service projects during Spring Break and the summer. Community Service & Leadership

Commitment to Affordability

Nearly 60% of students received financial aid awards  |  $59 million in financial aid scholarships support Wellesley students

The College is committed to making a Wellesley education accessible and affordable for all students, regardless of their financial situation. Wellesley's enhanced financial aid policy eliminates or reduces loans for students with the greatest financial need. Wellesley's commitment to keeping debt levels low provides students with more choices upon graduation, such as immediately attending graduate school, working in the public or nonprofit sector, or starting a career. See Wellesley Is Affordable.

Advising, Support, Recommendations

200+ recruiters visit campus each year

The Career Education counselors advise students at all stages of the career development process. They are available for drop-in meetings and for counseling by appointment. Each year 200+ recruiters visit campus. Career Education also provides a lifelong connection to career resources, including the Resource Library, job-searching workshops, and public-sector and nonprofit organizations' contact information. Career Education also hosts career fairs including the Not-for-Profit and Public Service Career Fair and Wellesley Women in the Science Job and Internship Fair. 

The Wellesley Network

30,000 energetic, loyal, impassioned alumnae ready to help

Wellesley is known for its energetic, loyal, and impassioned alumnae network ready to help you. Updated daily, the Alumnae Career Advisory Network, a valuable online tool, enables you to explore internships, career options, and opportunities. Alumnae worldwide share career information and advice. Wellesley graduates are contributors to and leaders in virtually every field of endeavor. Many go on to successful careers in medicine, business, politics, social services, law, diplomacy, research, education, and the arts. Alumnae  |  The Network  |  Alumnae in the news