Fly-In Programs

Fall and Spring Fly-In Programs

The Wellesley Office of Admission offers travel grants for a limited number of students to fly to Wellesley's campus for two overnight programs each year. Travel grants cover the cost of transportation (airplane or train), meals, and housing. 

Discover Wellesley Weekend: Rising high school senior girls who are interested in discovering Wellesley’s diverse and inclusive community can apply for a travel grant to this fall program. Wellesley encourages applicants who are from underrepresented cultural backgrounds such as African American, Asian American, Latina American, and Native American; first-generation students; and/or students from other underrepresented communities and regions. See Discover Wellesley, the Fall Travel Grant and Travel Grant FAQs.

Spring Open Campus and "Conversations on Diversity" Day: Wellesley offers travel grants to admitted students, most with high financial need, to Spring Open Campus in April, where they attend classes and panels, tour campus, and experience a glimpse of life at Wellesley. At "Conversations on Diversity" Day, students learn about communication and respect in a diverse community; the benefits of living and learning at a college that encourages honest dialog; and valuing differences and sharing stories. See feedback below.

Enthusiastic feedback from spring travel grant recipients!

Class of 2020 travel grant recipients express appreciation for the opportunity to attend Spring Open Campus and "Conversations on Diversity" Day in April 2016: 

Alexis - Class of 2020 making the "W" for Wellesley sign... I will being attending Wellesley in the fall. I cannot thank you all enough for this opportunity to attend Wellesley. Often, I go back and read my admission letter to make sure everything was real because even today it all feels like a dream. When I get to Wellesley, I will do everything and work extremely hard to make all of you proud because I know how much dedication you guys give to the admissions process, and for that I am ever grateful. 

The journey has only just begun, but it is going to be the greatest experience of my life. I cannot wait to fully immerse myself into the beautifully unique sisterhood and legacy that is Wellesley College. 

Many in my hometown in southern Louisiana don’t support my big dreams to inspire people with the power of mathematics. But being able to share my aspirations with women who have conquered their dreams—despite adversity, gave me reassurance and hope.

Thank you so much for allowing positive dialog to take place between future Wellesley students and alumnae. Thank you for valuing our academic experience, because, without you, we would not have had the opportunity to understand just how powerful we are as women. Thank you for believing in me and giving me an opportunity to have a better future than my wildest dreams could have ever imagined.
Alexis '20, making the “W” for Wellesley sign

Feedback from additional travel grant recipients

What you did for me by allowing me to fly out to Wellesley was give me the great honor and privilege to observe the most intelligent girls in the most intellectually stimulating environment in the country. I got to witness greatness and my future education unfolding right in front of my eyes, and for that I am eternally grateful. Thank you so much for helping me fly out to my new home.

This trip made me experience all the aspects that I had only read about in pamphlets and seen through videos. The weekend went so well that I was ready to commit on the flight back.  Once again, thank you for the opportunity to become a woman who will.

I made some friends from different backgrounds and yet I still found some similarities with them. I was welcomed into a community that challenges their students not only academically, but also socially, and I knew that I wanted to be a part of such an encouraging group of intelligent, driven, confident, outspoken, strong women. 

Visiting Wellesley really cemented my decision to go there. It was an incredible experience and I can’t wait to spend time as a Wellesley woman for the next four years and for the rest of my life. Thank you so much again.

Wellesley’s covered travel expenses were a big selling point when I assured my family I was choosing the right college. The argument of “the other universities haven’t proved they will support me as a current student because they haven’t done so while I’m a prospective student” won over my family’s “Wellesley’s too far” argument. Without your generous donation, I would not have been able to visit Wellesley, much less assuage my family’s fears of being so far from home.

Being able to walk on campus, sit in on classes, hang out in the Science Center, explore the observatory, and stay in a dorm was huge for me. By the end of my first day at Wellesley, I knew that this was where I wanted to spend the next four years of my life. I am so grateful for the opportunity to experience the Wellesley magic this spring. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

When I first arrived, I saw the breathtaking architecture and the beautiful nature surrounding the school. By the second day, I didn’t feel as if I was far from home, California, because both students and staff went above and beyond to make Wellesley feel like home. In just three days, I was able to see the unconditional support the school offers to the students and the love the staff has for the school. I discovered many resources that fit my needs, such as programs for first-generation students, a Latinx community, and support for minorities aspiring to be in the medical field. I am confident that Wellesley will give me the tools I need to make an impact in my community and beyond. Because of this visit, I am certain that Wellesley is the right school for me. I am forever grateful. 

I was skeptical of the legitimacy at first due to the “too good to be true” nature of the offer, but it was simply amazing. My overnight hostess invited me to a Spoken Word presentation; I toured the Science Center; and I attended informative presentations on what a first-year student at Wellesley is to expect. Furthermore, I was able to experience New England in the spring. Having tickets paid for, no strings attached, is ridiculously generous. I never thought I would be telling my schoolmates that I had just been 3,000 miles away. Thank you very much for the opportunity.

I wanted to let you know how truly grateful I am that I had the opportunity to visit Wellesley last year; I was extremely nervous to see the campus and visit classes after being accepted/committed via the Questbridge scholarship, and arriving on campus not only eased my nerves but also incited so much excitement for my future. If not for [this visit] I would be an absolute mess as I planned to move to college (an already foreign concept) at the opposite side of the country; instead, I feel excited and confident that Wellesley is the place for me!

I decided that if I was going to go on this adventure, I was going to pick the most intensely different experience I could imagine: a women’s college in the East. What an exciting atmosphere! Like a dream. I would not have picked Wellesley if not for my visit. Now I am really looking forward to this next step in life: the things I will learn and skills I’ll develop, but really the opportunity to meet so many extraordinary people and learn from them! I hope in the future I will be able to help people as much as you were able to help me, and expand their minds with more than the mediocre! This is so exciting! Thank you!