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Fall Travel Grant

Discover Wellesley for free

Apply for a fully funded travel grant to visit campus for Discover Wellesley Weekend in October.

We're excited to hear of your interest in Wellesley College!

Wellesley will provide travel grants to cover the cost of transportation, meals, and housing for a limited group of rising high school senior girls, graduating in the Class of 2020, who wish to visit campus for Discover Wellesley Weekend. Please note that we're unable to award travel grants for visits outside of these dates.

Who is the program for?

Engaging, bright, and fun women like you who are interested in discovering Wellesley’s diverse and inclusive community! Wellesley encourages applicants who are from underrepresented cultural backgrounds such as African American, Asian American, Latina American, and Native American; first-generation students; and/or students from other underrepresented communities and regions. The Discover Wellesley Weekend Travel Grant is available for residents of the contiguous United States.

Review our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.


How do I apply?

  1. In September when the button becomes available, you will go to the Travel Grant Application. Click "Create an Account." Follow the instructions to create an account. You will be sent a temporary pin to the email address you provided.
  2. Log into your new account and select Discover Wellesley Travel Grant to start your application. (You may save the application and return to it later.)
  3. Have the following two documents available:
    (a) Your unofficial high school transcript from grades 9 to 11 (pdf)
    (b) Your statement of purpose to apply (pdf): In 300 words or less, please provide a thoughtful response to these questions: What specific aspects of Wellesley College interest you? What do you hope to gain from your visit to campus?
  4. You may self-report your SAT or ACT test scores on the application. We strongly recommend but do not require SAT or ACT test scores. Without it, you may be at a disadvantage. If you do not have your scores at the time of your application, but expect to receive them before the deadline, please let us know by contacting
  5. Complete the application and be sure to upload the two documents listed above.
  6. Before you submit your application, be sure that you have permission to travel to Boston on these specific dates to take advantage of this opportunity. You need permission from both:  
    (a) Your parent or guardian and
    ​(b) Your school 

Note: If your airline tickets are booked and you cannot attend, you may be responsible for up to half of the cost of your ticket, as tickets are nonrefundable.


What are the deadlines?

Priority Deadline: Dates forthcoming

Wellesley's notification date: If you apply by the priority deadline, Wellesley will release your decision on your applicant status page on Wednesday, July 18. If you apply by the final deadline of August 15, Wellesley will release your decision by Thursday, August 30.

Your reply date: You must accept or decline our offer of the travel grant via your applicant status page within five days of receiving the offer.

Travel details: Wellesley will send information regarding booking tickets and travel details once you confirm your participation.

What if I have more questions?

Who should apply for a travel grant to attend Discover Wellesley Weekend?

The Discover Wellesley Weekend is available to all prospective students residing and/or attending school in the United States, but the travel grant selection committee prioritizes inviting rising seniors from traditionally underrepresented groups, such as African-American, Hispanic/Latina American, Native American, and Asian-American backgrounds, as well as students who will be the first-generation in their family to attend college. The travel grant selection committee will also prioritize inviting students from families with limited financial resources, regardless of cultural or racial background. The above-mentioned are priorities, but are not meant to imply any exclusivity regarding the program or the selection process. If you have an interest in attending, we encourage you to apply!


How do I apply for a travel grant?

  • Before applying, you must have approval from your parent(s)/guardian(s) and your school to attend Discover Wellesley Weekend.
  • Submit the online application, available through the main Discover Wellesley Weekend web page each May for the subsequent October Discover Wellesley Weekend. You must send us a copy of your unofficial high school transcript through your junior year, as well as a list of your senior year courses. (Your application is not considered complete until we have received both your transcript and your statement of purpose.)
  • Upload a copy of your transcript as a PDF.  Your transcript allows us to get an accurate picture of what courses you have taken, how much you have challenged yourself academically, and how well you have succeeded in your studies so far. You cannot submit your application without your transcript.
  • Upload your statement of purpose as a PDF. Your statement should include your interest in visiting Wellesley and any other relevant information you would like to provide.
  • We strongly recommend but do not require SAT or ACT test scores. Without it, you may be at a disadvantage. If you do not have your scores at the time of your application, but expect to receive them before the deadline, please let us know by contacting

When will I hear regarding my admission to the program?

Students who apply by the priority deadline will be notified via their applicant status page on the evening of July 18. For all other applicants, we will notify on Thursday, August 30. Selected students must accept or decline their offer within five business days. Further information on how to book travel is then sent out to all recipients who accept their travel grant offer. If you know you will not have Internet access or will be traveling during the decision release week, you should plan accordingly to check your decision. After the July reply deadline, students who do not respond to the offer will be placed on the wait list and may be considered again in August.


Is there a wait list?

Yes, there is a wait list. Applicants who apply by the priority deadline may be selected for the wait list and will be re-reviewed with the rest of the applicants. Final decisions will be emailed the first week in September. Each year, we select another 5-10 applicants for the final wait-list round, in case another student relinquishes her travel grant in September.


If I am unable to attend Discover Wellesley Weekend, can I apply for a travel grant outside of those dates?

No, we are unable to award travel grants for visits outside of these dates. If you apply and are admitted to Wellesley, you may qualify for a travel grant to attend our Spring event.


Does being offered a travel grant mean that I am guaranteed admission to Wellesley? Does being denied a travel grant mean that I won’t be accepted?

Being offered a travel grant to attend Discover Wellesley Weekend is a sign that Wellesley is interested in you, but by no means assures admission to the College. 

No, being denied a travel grant does not mean that you won't be accepted. The travel grant application process is extremely competitive. Because the program targets students who have not visited Wellesley before and might not otherwise have the opportunity to visit, many qualified students are not selected to receive a travel grant, but are still highly encouraged to attend Discover Wellesley Weekend.


How much of my travel expenses does Wellesley cover?

Travel grant recipients selected to visit Wellesley for Discover Wellesley Weekend will receive 100% of round-trip transportation costs (airline, bus, or train). This funding also includes ground transportation to and from our campus to the airport. Travel grant recipients should not attempt to make their own travel arrangements, as all booking is done through a contracted travel agent. If you attend a boarding school and may require additional funding to transport you to your nearest airport, please contact


Will Wellesley cover the transportation costs of my parents to the program?

No, Wellesley cannot pay transportation costs for your parent(s) or guardian(s). Because we would like to offer as many students as possible an opportunity to explore Wellesley, we do not make funding available for parents. Parents of travel grant recipients are welcome to use our travel agent to book their travel, but are required to pay the travel agent fee.


Can I come early or stay a day late?

The college does not often accommodate requests for arrival or departure outside of the program dates. While we appreciate interest to explore Boston or the surrounding area, especially if it is your first time intending to visit the area, requests must align with our program policies. No student traveling without a legal parent or guardian will be granted such a request.


If I have multiple programs the same weekend will Wellesley accommodate me?

Some students who come to Discover Wellesley Weekend also attend other programs and we will do our best to accommodate your plans. If you are attending another program either immediately before or after Discover Wellesley Weekend, we will work with the coordinator of the program to arrange your transportation. We are unable to accommodate students who have multiple programs in the same weekend, as we feel that each program deserves a student’s full time and attention.


What will happen if I have to cancel after booking my ticket?

All travel grant recipients should be 100% certain that they can attend if offered a grant. If a recipient cancels within 24-48 hours of booking, tickets may be refundable. After 24-48 hours of booking travel, students will be responsible for up to half the cost of their ticket and their grant may be offered to a student off the wait list. Any cancelation requests must be made to prior to September 6. Late cancelations are not encouraged as additional fees may apply. If you do not have permission from your school or parent/guardian to attend, we do not encourage you to apply for a travel grant.


Can I change my travel itinerary once booked?

No. We do not allow students to individually change their travel once booked with our travel agent. If any student, or parent, attempts to change a travel grant recipient's itinerary, it may impact their grant offer. All recipients should be 100% certain that the flight times work for their schedule before approving them with the travel agent.