Interviews at Wellesley—on or off campus

A Wellesley interview is a two-way exchange of information. It gives us the chance to know you—what you like, how you think, and why you would be a good fit with Wellesley. And you get to know us, having your questions answered in real time.

An interview is strongly recommended but not required for first-year candidates. An interview is required for Davis Scholar, postbaccalaureate candidates, and accelerating candidates.

  • Schedule an on-campus interview: First-year applicants, transfer, and Davis Degree candidates may schedule an on-campus interview (when available)  through our campus visit registration form. You use this same form to register for all other activities the day you visit campus. On-campus interviews are offered only at select times during the year. Before scheduling your interview, read more at  

  • Schedule an off-campus interview: If you can't come to campus, you may request an off-campus interview beginning in late September with an alumna interviewer near your hometown, if one is available. To do so, please see Off-Campus Interview Request Form information and deadlines below.

Off-campus interview information

  • One interview total
    Applicants may only have one interview. If you have had or plan to have an on-campus interview, please do not request an off-campus interview, and vice-versa.
  • Interviews are not required for first-year applicants
    Interviews are recommended; however, they are not a required part of the application process. We make every effort to connect students with alumnae interviewers. In the event that there is no alumna in your area, we will notify you. Not having an interview will not adversely affect your application plan or status. An interview is required for accelerating and Davis Degree candidates.  Postbaccalaureate candidates must interview with the postbaccalaureate admission program director either in person or via phone.
  • Specify your decision plan
    You must specify your decision plan in order for us to process your request in a timely fashion. Please note the interview request deadline and application deadline for your decision plan.
  • Be patient
    Allow 5-10 business days for us to process your off-campus interview request. If you are applying under the Regular Decision Plan and request an off-campus interview in late December, you might not hear from an alumna until early January.
  • Limited international interviews
    For international candidates applying from outside the United States, we only have a limited number of places where we can offer off-campus interviews. If we are unable to offer you an interview, please note that interviews are not required for admission to Wellesley, and the lack of an interview will not adversely affect your chances for admission at Wellesley. Please note we do not offer alumnae interviews in China.

Off-campus interview request form

Please choose a decision plan below and note the deadlines for requesting an interview and for submitting your admission application. See Decision Plans and Deadlines. When you are ready to request your interview, please fill out the form.

Decision Plan and Interview Request Deadline & Application Deadline

Early Decision, Round I: November 1. 

Regular Decision with Early Evaluation Option: December 15

Early Decision, Round II: December 22

Accelerated Candidates: January 15

Transfer Fall Candidates: February 15

Transfer Spring Candidates: November 1. 

Davis Degree Program (Continuing Education): February 15