Wellesley College Dining/Meal-Plan Accommodations

Staff at Wellesley Fresh are experienced at accommodating students with a variety of food allergies and intolerances. Students with documented food allergies are encouraged to register with Accessibility and Disability Resources (ADR) using the AIM Portal along with appropriate documentation. For more information about dining at Wellesley, please explore the dining options.
Please note, ADR does not determine accommodations for religious or ethical reasons.
To initiate a request, a student should log into the AIM portal using their Wellesley username and password, complete the registration for services form, upload a copy of their appropriate documentation, and schedule a meeting with an ADR staff person. (If you are already registered with ADR, please feel free to submit an Additional Accommodation Request and upload your documentation before scheduling your meeting.) During this meeting, the ADR staff person will outline and facilitate the rest of the process.  After all of the above have taken place, the Dining Accommodation Review Committee then reviews all dining accommodation requests.  They will then make recommendations for accommodations and communicate approved accommodations to the student and any other applicable campus partners. If they have questions for the student, they will communicate those as well.