Housing Accommodations

Housing Accommodations Overview

Accessible housing is available to students at Wellesley who have disabilities that substantially impact one or more major life activities as they relate to housing. The purpose of housing accommodations is to address aspects of residential life that are inaccessible in relation to a student’s disability. Examples of housing accommodations include, but are not limited to:
  • Elevator access or ground-floor room location
  • ADA accessible bedrooms and restrooms
  • Allergen-related modifications such as air-conditioners and carpet-free rooms
Accessibility & Disability Resources (ADR) is committed to working with students to formulate the most appropriate accommodations for a disability. Please note that housing accommodation recommendations are made based on medical, physical, or mental health need, and accessible options in each residence hall vary. While students can request accommodations at any time, the best time to make requests for new housing accommodations is at least one month before scheduled general room selection. Specific deadlines will be advertised on the ADR website. While ADR and Student Housing will make every effort to consider your request, please note requests for housing accommodations received after the deadline may be subject to delays in review and implementation. 
To initiate a request, a student should log into the AIM portal using their Wellesley username and password, complete the registration for services form, upload a copy of their appropriate documentation, and schedule a meeting with an ADR staff person. (If you are already registered with ADR, please feel free to submit an Additional Accommodation Request and upload your documentation before scheduling your meeting.) During this meeting, the ADR staff person will outline and facilitate the rest of the process.  After all of the above have taken place, the Housing Accommodation Review Committee then reviews all housing accommodation and ESA (Emotional Support Animal) requests.  They will then make recommendations for accommodations and communicate approved accommodations to the student and Student Housing. If they have questions for the student, they will communicate those as well.